What Might Be Surprising Behind the Rally?

David Kemp

Experts and crypto analysts mention that Ether is about to rocket almost fifty percent in a five-year anniversary month. Now the question that keeps boggling many participants’ minds is if there is something surprising behind the rally and what it is that the crypto community can expect from the latest events in the crypto market.

Many users are happy to celebrate Ethereum’s five-year anniversary. This is not the only positive news crypto enthusiasts are willing to mark. As a matter of fact, the asset is up fifty percent over the previous month. Right now there are two major catalysts that seem to be driving the uptrend. Professionals are doing research and studying the phenomenon that ETH 2.0 and DeFi have managed to cause.

The price of the company’s token has faced strong momentum this month. Since the very beginning of July, the asset has increased by fifty percent from two hundred and twenty-five USD to three hundred and forty USD on the exchange of Coinbase.

It goes hand in hand with a five-year anniversary and comprises the leading and strongest smart contracts blockchain protocol. Professionals admit that they see two main factors that have fueled the rally of the token.

First, they mention the importance of the anticipation of all participants related to ETH 2.0 – the heat has been steadily growing in this respect. Second, they note the sudden increase in the DeFi market that has maintained the momentum of the token.

Many specialists are discussing DeFi and how this factor has impacted the ETH blockchain. Last month, Compound, one of the DeFi platforms, actually triggered the event known as yield farming. Token users flocked to this kind of platform since they provided the greatest incentives while doing all possible to achieve the greatest yield possible.

Data Proves Great Changes

A few weeks have passed and several leading DeFi platforms have finally emerged. Defipulse.com sources confirm that Balancer, Ave, as well as Curve Finance possess two hundred and ninety USD, four hundred and eighty-two USD, and two hundred and sixty-three USD locked in, accordingly.

At the same time, the total value locked in the whole of the DeFi space has boosted to almost four billion USD. It is far more massive than what the market saw around eight weeks ago. Now experts pay attention to the DeFi market for its upward trajectory and say that it positively impact the token for a variety of reasons.

First, many specialist remind us of the factor related to the usage as gas. When we see that the blockchain is clogged with participants’ numerous transactions, the token is necessary to cover all transaction fees that are known to many users as ‘gas’. 

According to several news reports, the amount of gas the system utilizes every day has raised to a new record at more than seventy-six million. Recent information suggests that the need for the token keeps growing in parallel with the user activity of the ETH blockchain.

On the other hand, there are experts who feel doubtful and skeptical. They do not think that the DeFi market can boast efficient sustainability. The creators of the token say that yield farming cannot be considered sustainable. They admit that no one is going to mint coins to attract more participants and make the entire ecosystem more appealing. That’s just a short-term event. And once the market calms down, people will be able to see the yield rates fall to zero percent.