Wright’s Diagnosis Approved at Court

Judy Rubio

Judges can sometimes take unprecedented decisions and surprise the public with their verdicts. Most of us still remember the Kleiman’s team and its motion to apply certain sanctions to Wright. Later on, the authorities cleared the case and it went to trial.

Craig Wright is a famous person and his name is known to many people in the crypto world. Most consider him Satoshi Nakamoto. Recently, the press announced that the man will be able to avoid sanctions imposed by the court. What helped him escape serious problems was his claim of a serious disease. Documents were filed on Wednesday. That was the day when the judge ruled against the team’s motion initiated last month. The major problem was that Kleiman accused Wright of perjury. They also say that the man practiced forgeries and was heavily involved in judicial abuse.

Source of image: https://www.courtlistener.com

All the mentioned issues, according to the judge, are unsettling and they are related to the suspect’s behavior as well as his credibility. The authorities admit that what has happened might not be the right reason for the legislation to impose sanctions.

Inconsistent statements made by Wright can be regarded as an autism defense. The accused initiated a motion in return – he insisted on meeting a psychologist and a licensed clinical specialist to show up at the court and be an expert witness. Wright was ready to prove that his side had diagnosed him with a disorder. At the same time, it didn’t affect his intellectual skills. All of these factors influenced the processes; hence his statements to the court might have sounded inconsistent.

Cleared Defense and Further Action

The diagnosis defense is now cleared and can proceed. Professionals and experts say they can provide evidence demonstrating and proving how his disease can make others perceive the man incorrectly. Autism, according to them, may have been the key reason why the accused man introduced an incomplete list of addresses or that some of the information was ‘false’.

Calvin Ayre was one of the first people to find out about the case and what had happened to Wright. He expressed his opinion and shared his thoughts on the major mass media outlets. He is ready to provide support and admitted that even though the team’s lawyers tried to resolve the issue in a different way, yet he is happy to acknowledge that the verdict permits the man to find a new way out of the current situation.

The powerful supporter is known for his remarkable statements and this is true when it comes to Wright. Last year he made a post where he commented on a judge’s assumption – back then the court decided that the accused man was the real creator and founder of the cryptocurrency.

The case includes information regarding Wright’s former business partner. The former died and after that, the team claimed a part of the one-million-BTC sum mined with Kleiman. They also wanted to gain access to blockchain and all aspects related to intellectual property.

Wright decided to change his tactics and chose to deny that they worked and partnered with Kleiman. He never admitted that mining and intellectual property were involved in their collaboration. More than that, according to the accused man, he never stole anything that would be considered the latter’s property. The original date of the filed case was announced two years ago, in February. In two weeks, the documents will go to the jury, where the judge will initiate the trial.