YouTube Won’t Tolerate Crypto Channels

Judy Rubio

As we all know, the platform has set some certain rules and people who wish to be a part of the entire YouTube community must follow them. There are terms that all participants should submit to if they wish to be allowed to use the services. Also, the conditions of the platform describe the main principles all parties abide by.

Nevertheless, there are instances, when YouTube’s team decides to pull the plug on this or that live stream, and recently there have been quite a few cases when live stream videos related to cryptocurrencies were banned. In fact, the platform simply cuts off videos and the crypto community has already experienced this before.

Lately, mass media outlets mentioned that Sunny Decree had trouble while trying to live stream on the platform. His video was cut off by the service – as reports state, the administration noted that the video material had violated the brand’s rules and was linked to dangerous and harmful practices.

Policy violation is strictly prohibited and when this occurs, the individual’s channel can be banned. In one of his recenttweets, the owner of the channel said that the platform where he used to share his video materials decided to halt his latest videos. 

Channels’ Materials Get Removed

The channel is created for an English-speaking audience and is based in Switzerland. However, there are some materials published in German. Decree once received a warning from the platform where the team asked him to refrain from further publication of similar content. If he does not do this, his channel will be suspended for one week and he won’t be able to live stream, post, or upload his videos.

This is not the first time the administration has targeted this user. Last year, the team started actively removing materials related to cryptocurrencies. Decree’s channel has over one hundred and twenty thousand subscribers and this makes him one of the most popular crypto enthusiasts.

High-profile channels are supervised and monitored – their videos sometimes are removed without any explanations. As a rule, later on, the team calls their move an ‘error’, and usually after a couple of days they restore the content. At the same time, the platform has never stopped targeting crypto channels. The main problem is the so-called ‘crypto giveaway’ schemes that many scammers apply to steal people’s funds.

Periodically, hackers and fraudsters attack popular channels and make people believe that they can earn huge money if they transfer crypto to the scammers’ accounts. Once the administration of the platform finds out about these cases, they ban the channel and investigate the matter. They may shut down channels and this often happens to YouTubers whom the team suspects of trying to violate the terms of service.

It is advised for all YouTube channel owners to send an appeal and ask the administration to look into the issue. It may take up to two business days for the representatives of the platform to analyze the issue and restore the video content. On the whole, many crypto market analysts state that the service’s attitude towards the entire crypto community is rather strange and at times even too aggressive.

Unfortunately, the team can pull the plug on any live stream related to news and events streamed live on the platform if the content is linked to cryptocurrencies. This is one of the measures the administration takes to protect the community and make it unavailable for hackers and scammers.