All the peculiarities of Pre-ICO

David Kemp

Every great idea needs funding and resources to come to life. Some startups somehow have to do it without investors help, at the same time not having much own funds. Pre-ICO is the tool with their name written all over it. Let us consider in detail what it is.

What is pre-ICO and why buy tokens on it

In fact, pre-ICO is held to raise money to prepare for a full-fledged ICO. The process is somewhat similar to presale. For example, it was used by the feedback system on blockchain Revain. It took only a few days to collect more than 854 thousand dollars.

 Pre-ICO is more than just coin offering, it is a pre-launch, that can help you get invaluable statics on market reaction, etc. During the pre-ICO startup gets valuable experience that can be used in the future. More information about the initial token offering can be found in the article "What is ICO?".

The proper choice and some luck may bring about x10 investments to you! During the presale tokens are purchased by people who believe in the success of the project. Their main motivation is the possibility of obtaining large profits in the future. Of course, you need to remember the risks of losing everything. On the other hand, if you choose 10 pre-ICO projects and participate in them in equal parts, then even with the success of two of them, it will be possible to double the investments made. There are different investment strategies.

What expenses do the companies expect at pre-ICO

To organize the pre-sale implementation of tokens, much work needs to be done. At this stage, the following expenses are coming:

  • Website development. Usually a simple web resource built with a constructor is enough. Creating a high-tech website will cost several thousand dollars.
  • Create a video presentation. A short video will be a great solution for introducing the public to the startup. Usually its cost is in the range from 1 to 100 thousand dollars.
  • Advertising and PR. A good option is to tell about yourself on thematic forums. The most professional approach is to turn to specialists. Their services can cost up to 7 thousand dollars. However, in practice, usually 1 thousand dollars is enough.
  • Development of project presentation. Initiators usually come up with the concept of the project. Experts will be able to present it correctly. The costs will be up to $ 500. But you may also use your own efforts for that.
  • Writing WhitePaper. "White paper" should describe the project in detail business plan, Manifesto, market analysis, ideology, ideas, functions, etc. Whitepaper is necessary primarily for the owner, it allows him to structurize the data about his startup. Implementation of the stage may entail costs up to 5 thousand dollars.
  • Targeted advertising. That can be Facebook or Google platform. The only limitation of the budget is the financial capacity of the project owner.

Pre-ICO opens wide opportunities for project owners. It allows you to get much-needed funds for the development of a startup. Also, developers will gain experience with investors. Our crypto portal has prepared a number of articles for the organization of token sales. Get to know them to get it right from the start.