DeFi’s Incredible Increase and New Highs

Colin Baseman

Most crypto market analysts are now discussing the latest events – it seems that the tendencies and trends keep on transforming. Figures are rising and increasing while cryptocurrencies are approaching and hitting new all-time highs. Professionals admit that DeFi’s rise has recently been meteoric and it is still intensively occurring.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that locked in value has finally managed to hit nine billion USD. It’s important to mention that all of what is happening now across the crypto space keeps going up.

According to numerous mass media reports, decentralized finance has hit another milestone. More than that, its locked in value is approaching and even crossing the border of nine billion USD. Analysts have been witnessing this for the past few months.

One of the biggest DeFi projects, Aave, keeps its positions and it currently remains with one billion and seven hundred million USD locked. Next comes MakerDAO with one billion forty million USD. Also, professionals mention Balancer at one billion thirty million USD. There are a few other projects that statistics show and the list includes Syntex with eight hundred and seventy-one million USD as well as Curve Finance which is now at one billion twenty-six million USD.

Finally, we should consider YFI token that has surged seventy-five percent in the past few hours – now this asset is hitting the price of thirty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-three USD on Binance. There is also at nine hundred and fifty-three million USD. Specialists pay attention to the price and claim that it moved its mcap to one billion USD.

Concerns Remain Despite the Rise

Excitement and thrill for decentralized finance have been waning. This has been occurring even with the proliferation of many projects linked to DeFi. Additionally, DeFi tokens have finally outperformed the top-ranked cryptocurrency this year.

Moreover, tokens related to the infrastructure of decentralized finance have already surged a great deal – we can see this when talking about Chainlink’s LINK, for instance. The rise is continuing. Nevertheless, major industry participants can still notice various problems.

As a matter of fact, professionals urge the DeFi community to do all possible to speed up mainstream adoption. Their key issues to be resolved would be linked to security and, which is not less important, they should also consider the ease of use.

Specialists announce that DeFi keeps on gaining stream. This makes leading exchanges find new ways to co-exist. They apply innovations linked to decentralized finance making their services more efficient and productive. The fact is that DeFi is regarded by many as an innovative sphere and investing DeFi exchanges is unlikely to become a serious challenge for regular platforms.

Participants and all crypto enthusiasts point out that DeFi makes the community more appealing. Some users state that automatic market makers and a few other aspects of the space seem to be quite a fascinating invention that is equipped with modern features.

Decentralized finance is a truly innovative industry and many experts believe that it’s a really good sign. First, when participants discuss DeFi they mention lending. At the moment, users can start lending coins for liquidity. When the liquidity is appropriate, participants trade more willingly. They start doing it more easily and this is why many users and professionals state that market makers might become a useful project that stands out thanks to its simplicity.