How Soon Will BTC Be as Easy to Use as USD?

Endy Callahan

One of the questions that the crypto community asks experts is whether Bitcoin will be as easy to use as the U.S. dollar. If so, the next question is when it may happen and how soon the public will be able to feel the change. The leading developers claim that the cryptocurrency will inevitably surpass gold and become a more valuable asset.

The majority of users expect that layer-2 solutions will help the crypto reach new levels and heights. In due time, they will make the currency as easy to use as the dollar. We cannot deny that BTC’s utilitarian nature has been greatly improved in the past few years. Analysts trust that the so-called ‘herd mentality’ will do its part and people will utilize BTC as a shield against the Federal Reserve’s manipulations they are currently applying to the U.S. dollar.

The Crypto Puts Effort and Matches Store of Value

What BTC needs to do is to improve its utility first. Only then will it be able to match store of value. The crypto has a huge potential and looks quite promising. Many have been using this cryptocurrency as a shield against various traditional asset classes. Experts hope that BTC has all chances to surpass gold in the long run.

Nevertheless, we do not transfer gold or cash on the blockchain. The same applies to BTC’s physical transfers. Certain apps permit movement of fiat money in a different form and it is not ‘physical’. PayPal and Venmo are just some of such examples. Layer-2 solutions will soon give user-friendly instruments to deal with BTC. Our interaction with the cryptocurrency will be simple and straightforward.

Whatever technologies we use now behind the crypto will eventually vanish. It is surprising to find out that many users won’t be even aware of the processes it involves and the ways it works. It will remind the patterns typical of the U.S. dollar.

Where Following the Herd Leads

Institutional investors make a special sector of the crypto market and how these investors behave may influence the entire practice. Analysts confirm that the market has seen an increase in newly opened accounts and all those members come from different spheres and areas. The list includes day traders as well as hedge funds. There are retails investors as well. More than that, the number of wealth managers has also increased. On the other hand, institutional investors behave in a different manner and they seem to like following the herd. Relying on a herd mentality is what institutional investment is all about.

Some of the most prominent fund managers encourage people to join the market and gives his reasons why this would be a good decision to make for most investors. We cannot deny another important aspect and this involves whales who usually apply various manipulations to the crypto markets. However, we should admit that traditional markets oftentimes face manipulations, too.

The Fed, as we all know, purchases junk bonds. They buy them from U.S. corporations that fail. It’s ridiculous and economists understand why the Fed does this. The authorities are printing dollars to boost up the value of the stocks that are traded publicly. There is no point in pricing stuff in dollars nowadays. What we can expect is that the traditional market will soon suffer from uncontrollable inflation. The only hedge one can rely on and use against inflation is BTC. Analysts agree with this opinion and encourage people to consider purchasing the crypto.