List of all issued ICO in 2019

Judy Rubio

In 2013, Mastercoin conducted the first-ever ICO. Unfortunately, the project could not achieve its goals. However, the method he used to attract investments through the sale of tokens began to be used by almost all blockchain startups that have been implemented since then.

Why do projects conduct ICO

The main reason for the initial placement of coins is the collection of money for the development of a startup. Funds received from the sale of tokens are used to develop blockchain. In addition, thanks to ICOs, users receive cryptocurrency and begin to use it. It becomes publicly traded. In the article “What is ICO?” you can find out about the features of this method of attracting investments.

Best ICO of 2019 for investing

No. 1. Endchain. Logistics has always been known for having problems. Its goal is to bring together individual manufacturers, suppliers, and transport organizations. The company developed a blockchain designed to connect them into a single supply chain. The project owners are confident that a decentralized network makes deliveries more cost-effective and efficient.

No. 2. The project is related to banking, it is designed to help to manage, maintain and increase the capital of users. The goal of the ICO is to raise $ 1 million. The implementation platform is Ethereum. A startup allows you to make instant transfers to any country in the world, use various bank cards, it does not have currency restrictions, with it you can deposit money and take loans in cryptocurrency, as well as perform other operations.

No. 3. ChainZilla. The project aims to help develop blockchain technology. Many organizations strive to develop their applications, cryptocurrencies, platforms, and more. ChainZilla gives them that opportunity. The service offers to use a wide variety of tools to create and implement your blockchain, app or ICO. The service offers to use a wide variety of tools to create and implement your blockchain, app or ICO.

No. 4. Doctor Smart. The project aims to create a decentralized and secure method for storing medical records. Clinic clients have the opportunity to independently manage them and restore confidence in the healthcare system.

No. 5. Guarium. Online stores sell $ 2.7 trillion worth of products in a year. The system is highly efficient and reliable. Guarium service automates and improves important processes in this area, in addition, it has its payment system that provides security to buyers and sellers.

No. 6. Azbit. Trading attracts hundreds of thousands of users around the world. It will continue to be interesting in terms of investment. The decentralized platform is designed to store information about quotes in the blockchain, this will put an end to conflicts between traders and brokers. Startup has issued a European banking license. She reports that he has the right to legal activity.

No. 7. BBXC Bluebelt. The startup is aimed at creating cryptocurrency trading platforms in Asia with a total capitalization of $ 4.46 billion.

No. 8. Asure.Network. Swiss project implemented a decentralized social security blockchain. Designed to bring together people, organizations and governments in the digital field. The project is built on the Ethereum platform. The purpose of the collection is to receive investments in the amount of from 1 to 35 million dollars.

No. 9. DecentraX. The project introduces DCX Minmaster chips, capable of processing hashing algorithms with great effect. As a result, the TPS parameter was able to increase to more than 1 million. Such scalability is a headache for many cryptocurrencies.

No. 10. SaTT. The startup is aimed at protecting data integrity, mainly online advertising. The network is built on the basis of smart contracts, its purpose is to protect data from crashes and hacks. As a result, users will not receive links and misleading information.

No. 11. HubrisOne. According to statistics, about 15% of banks in the world in one way or another use blockchain. Startup offers a mobile application aimed at combining financial institutions and cryptographic currencies.

No. 12. GOlden Currency. The project sets an ambitious goal - to form an independent private analogue of the Central Banks, using advanced technologies and experience to create convenient and reliable money. A feature of cryptocurrency is the full provision of gold. The Singaporean startup aims to raise between $ 10 and $ 250 million. Built on the Ethereum platform.

No. 13. NYiGDE. The goal of the startup is to create a global multilingual e-commerce market with a symbolic and decentralized component, as well as a large set of tools for organizations and users. The project uses automatic asset swaps and smart contracts. With it, you can pay for goods and services from anywhere in the world. The project uses the Waves platform, the goal of the ICO is to raise $ 25 million.

No. 14. OilWellCoin. The project aims to solve the problems of development and financing of the oil industry based on blockchain. The platform aims to make market processes more transparent and liberal. The American developer intends to attract from 10 to 50 million dollars. The project implementation platform is Ethereum.

No. 15. Monart STOThe French project is intended for use in art. It is a trading platform and the international art community. The platform for implementing technology is Ethereum. The startup expects to attract from 1 to 20 million euros.

No. 16. CINEMADROM. Cayman Islands team has set a goal to create a network of independent filmmakers. The startup was created to finance, develop and distribute film projects. The system is based on blockchain technology. The project intends to raise from 1 to 150 million dollars during the ICO.

No. 17. HyperionX. The name of the startup is taken from the name of the highest tree on earth. Its goal is to form a network as a root system that would bring together users from all over the world. Each of them can make its own contribution to the ecosystem. Target fee - 500 thousand dollars.

No. 18. Orionix. The project aims to create a platform for safe sales in games: accounts, items, and other elements. The goal is to collect investments in the amount of 1 to 142 thousand Ethereum.

No. 19. Discoin. The startup is aimed at developing a comprehensive solution that allows each representative of a small business to create its website or software. The goal of the project is to attract from 2 to 8 million euros. It is implemented on the Separate blockchain platform.

No. 20. ArcadierX. The goal of the project is to create a solution for the search and distribution of resources, cryptographic currency, trade finance management and a trust platform. It is built on the Ethereum platform. The startup is expected to raise between $ 4.5 and $ 25 million. 

ICO of some reviewed projects has already been completed, while others are ongoing. You can study the features of each startup and choose the most reliable one for investing. For this purpose, visit our site. It has many useful articles.