List of the best ICO Bounty Companies

David Kemp

Would you like to participate in a bounty campaign and get free tokens? We have prepared a list of the best options for you. You can choose the scope of the project and try to get free tokens effortlessly. You can read more about bounty campaigns in the article What is bounty ICO?.

TOP of the Best ICO Bounty Programs

  1.  Tokoin. An Indonesian startup is developing a project that identifies digital business and counterparty reputation. As a result, an appropriate confidence assessment for financial institutions and suppliers can be established. Remuneration is paid for referrals, post views, reposts, and translations of materials.
  2. Sphere. The project owners are developing a decentralized social network designed to make the digital revolution. The company offers to buy 20 SAT tokens for 1 dollar. You can get them for free using the bounty program. For tokens, a monthly profit accrual of 30% occurs.
  3. WCEX. This is a cryptocurrency exchange. Its developers claim that in a second the site will be able to conduct 3 million transactions. In this case, the system will be anonymous and global. Owners promise token holders to pay 20% of the platform’s income. Bounty-program allows you to get coins for registration for free. The reward is 50 WCX.
  4. COINSTARTER. The project is a new cryptographic currency built on the Waves platform. For registration, the user can get 10 tokens. According to the description, in the future, a startup can be actively used by a start-up business for development.
  5. Datum. The company provides 100 tokens for registration. Users participate in the drawing of 5000 tokens. Registration is carried out by indicating e-mail or through social networks.
  6. Stash. The project is a cryptocurrency exchange with small commissions and anonymous transactions. When registering, 100 coins are credited to the user's account. A similar amount of remuneration is at the invitation of a friend.
  7. Coincome. To receive the award, you must subscribe to the project profiles on social networks, and then complete the additional task.
  8. Bitron. To register an account, use the special form. The project charges 5 tokens for this.
  9. Mycandybag. The award is given for subscribing to the Telegram channel. To do this, you need to designate your ETH wallet. For this action, 88 coins are provided.
  10. Lapo. To participate in the bounty program you only need to register using the link provided. The reward is 100 tokens.
  11. Nexty The user is expected to create an account and receive tokens. Also, additional coins are awarded for attracting friends.
  12. Grabairdrop. The company charges 500 tokens for complete registration, subscription to their Telegram channel and Facebook, as well as post retweets.
  13. Mycandybag. To receive 18 BOE, you must join the Telegram channel and indicate the number of your Ethereum wallet.
  14. Friendz. The project offers a reward of 20 FDZ for completing several simple tasks.
  15. Bep. To participate in the bounty program, you need to register, confirm your email address and complete several small tasks. A reward is also provided for attracting friends.
  16. Bluzelle The project provides free tokens for performing various tasks, including in social networks. The developers allocated $ 15,000 to the Twitter campaign.
  17. Zippie. The startup is represented by a mobile platform that conducts digital identification and complete decentralization of the ecosystem. The reward is charged for activity on social networks, subscription, translation of materials and the creation of videos.
  18. Zilliqa. The project is a cryptocurrency and platform; it copes well with the solution to the scalability problem. The developer allocated $ 20,000 to create materials, and $ 20,000 to promote in social networks.
  19. Electroneum The project is positioned as a cryptocurrency for mobile applications. His bounty campaign is clear and well thought out. The fee is paid for the creation of video and text content, advertising on Twitter and Facebook, as well as translations of materials.
  20. WePower. The project offers a platform for financing green energy using blockchain technology. The company pays a fee for subscription, advertising on social networks, translation of materials, the creation of video and text content. The developers quickly brought the WPR token to the Binance exchange.

How to Choose a Bounty Campaign?

For participation in the bounty campaign free tokens are awarded. But you shouldn’t think that if you do not have to pay, then there is no need to study the project either. To get tokens, you need to perform certain tasks. It takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to immediately decide: is the object of your attention or not?

Amount of Reward

The project developer must specify Hardcap, Softcap and the amount of remuneration. The first two indicators report that the startup owner knows its value and sees the ultimate goal. Softcap is the minimum investment size at which the project can continue to exist.

Social Activity

It is good that information on the project regularly appears on social networks. If this is not so, then there is simply nothing for the bountists to do reposts of. Sometimes a manager may suggest writing on his own. However, this requires more time and effort, so not every user agrees to this.

For when is listing planned and on which exchanges?

Developers often report on which exchanges listing is planned. If you have such information, you can register in advance at these platforms and verify your account. This usually takes several days, so it’s best to do everything in advance.

Devote careful attention to the selection of the bounty campaign. It is better to select several promising programs and take part in them. This will allow you to rationally use your time and focus on really worthwhile things. Why not try this free cryptocurrency and token earning method?