Massive Banking Crisis Urges Users to Buy BTC

David Kemp

Robert Kiyosaki might be one of the crypto enthusiasts whose opinion and viewpoint matter to thousands of participants across the crypto community. According to the author of a well-known book, users should stop wasting their precious time and should now start considering purchasing the top-ranked cryptocurrency.

It’s time for all traders and investors to begin thinking about obtaining some sort of safe havens. The main reason for this opinion is Kiyosaki’s thorough analysis of the current financial situation. His conclusions state that the U.S. dollar has too many weaknesses. More than that, they keep on worsening.

As many users already know, Bitcoin is considered an essential tool for investors. It’s easy to explain and understand. As a matter of fact, the planet is about to witness a very serious banking crisis and besides Robert, there are plenty of other crypto specialists who support this viewpoint and think that all crypto participants should focus on their further goals, targets, and ambitions.

Being the author of the book called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, Kiyosaki realizes that his followers and fans need his guidance and advice. Recently, the man mentioned in one of histweets that members of the crypto community should not waste their time thinking about investing in safe havens. The man claims that he is sure that a very serious banking crisis is approaching and people should take care of their issues before they become devastating.

Kiyosaki’s Reasons and Explanations

According to the author, the main reason why he thinks a banking crisis is not far away is that Warren Buffett has finally decided to get rid of bank stocks. He keeps wondering why the latter is currently out of banks. And, according to Robert, this is happening simply because banks tend to bankrupt. He mentioned that Fed along with Treasury might take over the current banking system.

Unfortunately, the mentioned two structures promote and spread fake money right to the nation to escape and prevent possible mass rioting. Right now, people should concentrate on what they have and how much of crypto, silver, and gold they own. As many crypto analysts know, Kiyosaki is famous for supporting and promoting cryptocurrencies. He often advises people to purchase crypto and reminds all participants that fiat currency is getting weaker.

No doubt, the post-pandemic crisis has only worsened his suspicions. Along with several other prominent analysts, Robert states that inflated paper money is no solution at all and that this approach to save the nation is doomed. For the past few months, both crypto and precious metals have been witnessing great gains. Another factor is that the U.S. dollar currency index has finally hit its lowest since 2018.

As the numerous charts illustrate, stock market records seem to be eerie while the U.S. dollar is getting only weaker. This month we see how many participants feel worried about the conditions that the global economy is in. there are plenty of facts proving that the central bank keeps on intervening in traditional markets. Leading institutions remain strongly concentrated on the top-ranked cryptocurrency. Finally, this asset’s futures open interest has managed to reach a high of five billion USD this week.