Tezos blockchain in the service of law enforcement agencies

Endy Callahan

The technology of distributed registry is increasingly part of modern life. Recently, the French gendarmerie started using it for operational activities. Find out about other potential applications of the blockchain.

The gendarmerie of France started using blockchain Tezos. In September, the center for combating cybercrime began using the first smart contract in its work.

What tasks will blockchain solve in the service of C3N?

In accordance with the press release, the gendarmerie technology uses a distributed registry, in order to control the costs that are incurred during the investigation. The statement notes: "This is just one example of a state organization using a smart contract to achieve its goals. And it does it very successfully."

Thanks to the new program, the gendarmerie can buy cryptographic currency with money that Europol allocates to cover operating costs. The comment says that the smart contract is designed so that C3N can confirm expenses without the risk of creating difficulties for investigations.

Distributed registry technology has a wide range of applications. You can read about one of them in the article “Passport control on blockchain".

tZERO and Tezos Foundation intend to tokenize British real estate in the amount of half a billion pounds

The platforms plan to tokenize real estate in Britain for half a billion pounds in the coming years. This corresponds to $ 643 million.

Rani Zahr, Chief Investment Officer at Alliance Investments, said, "In comparison with classical financing, attracting investments through STO has greater efficiency and lower costs, besides this method is democratic and Autonomous. We believe that we are firmly in the lead in the field of technological changes that can radically change the current system of financing."

It is expected that the first tokens can be purchased in the period from January to March 2020. As part of their offer, tZERO will issue security assets that will allow them to own properties in Manchester worth 20 million pounds.

The tokens will use the Tezos Protocol, which serves as the main infrastructure for issuing, storing, and transmitting crypto assets. Smart contracts will work on its basis. Tokens can be purchased on the secondary market of PRO Securities. This is an alternative trading system of the tZERO Department, which was successfully registered with the US SEC. Tokenization of other real estate objects, including commercial real estate and residential premises, will take place in the coming years.

Plans for real estate tokenization using blockchain

Elevated Returns Corporation has unveiled a project to invest in real estate. According to it, the Tezos platform will be used for billion-dollar tokenization.

Stefan De Baetz, who holds the position of CEO of Elevated Returns, said that the Tezos blockchain is more suitable for tokenizing assets than Ethereum. He noted, "We plan to conduct high-profile transactions, we cannot allow the implementation of compromising technological products."

Elevated Returns partners are Securitize and Tocqueville Group. Their activities are related to the legal compliance of tokenized assets that are placed in the blockchain.

Mr. De Baetz said: "We know the need for greater security and compliance with regulatory requirements. Thanks to the use of Tezos in the Securitize portal, we will be able to get the final ready-made solution." In 2018, his company conducted an initial placement of security tokens, which allowed attracting investments in the amount of $ 18 million. Coin owners own a stake in the Colorado St resort hotel. Regis Resort Aspen.

Blockchain Tezos intends to launch Babylon 2.0 update

The platform activates the Babylon 2.0 Protocol update, which was offered by Nomadic Labs and Cryptium Labs. The founder of the latter company noted that more than 80% of the network's participants supported the initiative. The required minimum amount is 74.7%.

This update will be the third for the Tezos blockchain. it will make adjustments to the network consensus algorithm, the management mechanism, and the operation of smart contracts. It will make it easier to create smart contracts, and it will clean and simplify the code.

The developers intend to change the reward system for network validators, creating incentives for their active participation in block generation. In addition, it will be easier for validators to delegate XTZ coins to create new ones. Before that, users developed special KT1 addresses for such purposes. The update will allow you to transfer funds from the main wallet. The Binance crypto exchange held a listing of the XTZ token in early autumn.

Indiegogo held the first sale of security tokens that are secured by real estate

It was the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo that was used to attract investment for Elevated Returns. Participants were offered ERC-20 Aspen Coin crypto assets that received real estate collateral.

Aspen Coin owners will only be able to sell assets through the Templum Markts LLC brokerage organization. It is regulated by the US SEC and FINRA.

Jason Kirshenbaum, one of the top managers of Elevated Returns, noted: "The closure of Aspen Digital announces the release of a coin that has asset security. It also serves as an example of tokenization in the field of real estate." A company representative said that he hopes to see a time when the real estate market will become more liquid and transparent due to the use of distributed registry technologies.

Tezos blockchain is actively used in various industries. One striking example is the French gendarmerie. Investing money in real estate and cryptocurrencies is a good investment. The Elevated Returns project combines both of these areas. Therefore, if you are thinking about profitable placement of your funds, it's time to buy its tokens.