The future of ICO marketing in 2020

Judy Rubio

One of the key concerns of many startups is the limited budget. Money is required for various expenses: remuneration of programmers, purchase of software, marketing and product promotion on the market. How can you save money on the latter?

Act Globally 

It is good that the project is not limited to the territory of one country, and people from different regions of the world can understand its essence. For this purpose, it is better to translate the official website of the company and whitepaper into English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean. On average, the United States accounts for 23% of investments in cryptocurrency products. This means that 77% of investors live in other countries. And they also need to focus on.

Before starting an ICO, you should already start a relationship with the community. It’s good to set a goal to unite people around your startup. The main source of investors from social networks is Twitter (33%), followed by Reddit and Youtube (24% and 19%, accordingly). This will significantly increase the target audience. The remaining traffic can be obtained from direct, from direct conversions, social networks and search queries.

Using SMM

Social networks are widely used to promote goods and services. From social digital potential investors go to the platforms. According to statistics, their share among all investors is no more than 10%. The main supplier of investors from social networks is Twitter (33%), followed by Reddit and Youtube (24% and 19%, appropriately).

You shouldn’t do the emphasis on social networks to attract investors, it  is not worth it. They can be used as an auxiliary tool. Efforts should be concentrated on groups with a high concentration of representatives of the crypto community. In addition, sometimes the state of origin of the project plays an important role.

What to Consider in Marketing ICO in 2020

When promoting a cryptocurrency project, it is important to take into account such recommendations:

  • Every month you need to increase the budget: the crypto community will expand, as will the popularity of the startup.
  • Typically, the conversion of site visitors to real investors ranges from 0.5% to 2%.
  • Give the community more time and attention, let people live by your ideas. Answer their questions, support chatting, organize presentations, etc.
  • Global projects have a great chance of achieving success, especially if they are understandable and may interest investors from around the world.
  • On average, one ICO lasts 27 days, this must be taken into account when conducting marketing events.
  • American market participants are considered the most active but do not focus solely on them.
  • Let people often hear about you, enlist the support of specialized media. Fame will help to sell your tokens.

Successful ICO marketing in 2020 will require significant efforts and actions simultaneously in several directions. It’s good that the startup is public and open. This will help to gain investor confidence and receive the necessary financing. If you plan to launch a crypto project in the near future, be sure to think over a marketing policy at the initial stages.