TOP 5 crypto world news for September 11, 2020

Colin Baseman

The Ethereum cryptocurrency has grown by 10%

Price variations have reached 10.08% during the day. This was the sharpest daily growth of the cryptocurrency since August 1. This boost pushed the market cap of Ethereum to $41.31 B, 12.26% of the market cap of all cryptocurrencies.

Ripple accused YouTube of inaction to fraudsters

Ripple has accused YouTube of deliberate inaction and disputed claims that the video hosting company knew nothing about scammers on the platform. In its protest, Ripple stressed that it sent 350 complaints to YouTube, so the service could not have been unaware of what was happening. According to the company, scammers uploaded several videos daily, some of which gained tens of thousands of views.

The bitcoin exchange rate is close to $10,400

Bitcoin adds almost 3% per day and is trading around $10,400. The situation is still developing in a positive scenario, and buyers are not allowed to push the token steadily below $10,000. Now the capitalization of bitcoin is 4.5 times higher than the largest altcoin of Ethereum (ETH).

A lawsuit against AT&T to pay $200 million in favor of a bitcoin investor was declared invalid

California’s Central district court rejected the claim of bitcoin investor group BitAngels founder, Michael Turpin, to the telecommunications giant AT&T for damages compensation. The lawyers proved that the mobile operator was not interested in concealing information about the restrictions of the security Protocol. The court also found no evidence that AT&T employees knew about the shortcomings of the two-factor authentication protocol but did not consider them.

One more DeFi exit scam just ended with $20M in stockholder funds

Media outlet ZyCrypto wrote on Sept. 10: "A new project of DeFi liquidity mining pool, Yfdexf. Finance has withdrawn from the market after deceiving investors for $20 million in total assets locked in its protocol." Over the past 48 hours, the venture shilled its vaporware hard via messaging apps such as Discord and Twitter.