Travel Headaches Fade Away

Annabella Cornelly

Applications that are based on blockchain technologies can help our society resolve several major issues that have appeared right after the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, the disease has affected absolutely all spheres of our life. This health issue is still ruining small businesses and won’t let people feel comfortable.

Thousands of industries are now striving to survive – they are suffering from the consequences that the post-pandemic crisis has brought. On the other hand, developers and IT technologists are doing all possible to improve the current situation and make the lives of all nations more comfortable and convenient in a variety of ways.

One of the latest innovations is related to blockchain technology. This is the type of approach, according to many experts, that can change many things for the travel industry and people dealing with this sort of business. Finally, there will be one less travel pain, and people will soon be able to feel that difference.

Nowadays there is an application that runs using the blockchain approach and its advanced technologies. Its key mission is to help all travelers and make the travel process during the pandemic crisis much easier. The newly developed application has already been launched and now people can test and rate the app’s features and useful options.

As mass media reports state, the innovation is called ICC AOKpass. What makes it so special is the fact that it permits all participants to verify their health status instantly. Thepress mentions that the application employs a common world’s standard that the public can deploy and then use anywhere on the planet at present.

More than that, the innovation can easily adapt to the regulatory system of any given region and it also lets customers immediately verify their health compliance status in any place during any time.

Testing for Approval

Professionals announce that the application has already been tested and analyzed by several leading companies. The list includes Energy Drilling based in Singapore. There is another famous firm and that is International SOS that also took part in testing.

Mass media sources confirm that the mentioned brands had selected several crew members – the latter were on their way to an oil drilling platform. The members were asked to take a PCR test for the coronavirus. On top, they had medical results saved on the application. Later on, the data was transferred to the client and helped place entry via the airport in Thailand.

Managing directors of the companies who took part in the trial process say that the experience was quite successful. More than that, the application is another proof that people can finally resume travel and do it in a safe manner. No doubt, the described trial is a pilot version and Energy Drilling is now urging since executives mark an important movement and change in people’s journeys.

We do need a global system and it should be standardized and trusted enough. It needs to be able to facilitate the return to work across a whole range of industries. Sooner or later, executives hope that their project will be widely adopted and implemented in many areas. It will guarantee a secure, totally safe, and prompt return to regular work.

As we can now see, the coronavirus crisis has inspired numerous companies working with blockchain technology to find new ways out. From now on, it will be much easier for people to resolve issues related to travel limitations and restrictions applied by governments and local authorities.