Post-Pandemic Weakens Crypto Space

Judy Rubio

COVID-19 bailout may have crippled the efforts that the market has made to strengthen the new regulatory framework. The number of regulations has never been this high yet they may undergo some major change in the nearest future. Last year there were dozens of statements from regulators, ministers and governors – all leading experts tried to introduce cryptocurrencies to a wider segment of users by adjusting laws and entering new rules. At the same time, now that the planet is trying to recover after the pandemic, authorities in some parts of the globe, including the USA, are doing all possible to reduce pressure from financial sectors.

A month ago, when the coronavirus was in full swing, the U.S. government declared that it was ready to collaborate with several regulatory institutions. Their collaboration had one key mission – to make its simpler for banks to adjust the loan terms and modify them accordingly.

Recently, U.S. representatives dealing with the banking system have finally taken all necessary measures to fight the financial damage that was increasing due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Donald Trump is making radical changes and involves Federal Reserve. Lately, regulators have announced that they have made some certain modifications so that financial bodies could reduce pressure on their debtors. Federal Reserve declared that the decisions it has made will let the banks reduce interest rates. They will also make adjustments to the loan terms. In some instances banks will offer payment deferrals or prolong the terms.

The latest decision was of utmost importance since it led to zero percent interest rates. More than that, the government invested into private sectors and eliminated reserve requirements. From now on financial bodies can modify loan terms and provide a limitless number of loans. They will not need to worry over the FDIC insured deposits. A few weeks ago, though, the situation was different. There were a lot of financial regulations.

Interest rates in the US and Their Impact

Cryptocurrencies gain popularity, but whether it will be easy to adopt them or not depends on their characteristics. As a rule, they boast low costs and their reach is global while there are hardly any delays. They are compatible with many platforms since their architecture is open. More than that, they are safe and secure to use.

If a user buys a dollar, he then should be able to redeem it for an actual currency. However, if there’s no government backing, it causes trouble and makes it harder for people to adopt crypto.

The government is willing to support small businesses. The program’s main point is to protect the nation by providing zero interest rates. Without private sectors money transfers take months. With fintechs that would last shorter. As time passes, the U.S. dollar weakens and the cash that reaches the business owner will have lost part of its value before it reaches the individual. Cryptocurrencies are great for investors who look ahead and predict the consequences.

The number of user-centric companies is still great. What crypto offers is a blockchain approach. Transacting needs smoother integration and social experience. The press reports that the supply of crypto keeps growing at a tremendous speed and the impact that the pandemic brought has greatly changed the market’s patterns.