10 reasons why Bakkt is important for the crypto market

Judy Rubio

Bakkt is a stock exchange of bitcoin futures and other coins, based on its Intercontinental Exchange. Crypto enthusiasts expect a lot from their discovery. Let’s get acquainted with Bakkt's specifics. The article “What is Bakkt? describes this platform in details.

Bakkt Value for Cryptocurrency Market

Let’s review the top 10 reasons to expect the launch of Bakkt:

  1. Bakkt's relationship with US stock exchanges. The company was founded by the same organization as the New York Stock Exchange. The proposal may encourage Hong Kong and Japan to open regulated platforms for digital assets.
  2. Arrival of institutional investors on the market. Poorly developed infrastructure at the institutional level creates obstacles to attracting large investments. Bakkt will help you create well-known investment tools for even large amounts.
  3. Entry of bitcoin into the asset basket. Bakkt will allow offering bitcoin-based financial instruments, including pension and mutual funds, as well as ETFs as regulated investments. The launch of Bakkt could lead the SEC to quickly scan assets based on a distributed registry.
  4. The authority of Bakkt. New investors often do not buy cryptocurrencies due to low confidence in existing exchanges. The approval of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the charter of the NYDFS Trust and liaison with major global companies allow Bakkt to gain the trust of others. The exchange will be able to attract new investors, even the most cautious.
  5. Widespread use of cryptocurrency. Bakkt has various goals, including the active use of digital money in everyday life. For example, Bitcoin owners can spend them on the Starbucks retail chain. The company intends to actively develop reliable, practical and regulated programs that will help exchange cryptocurrency for US dollars.
  6. Good story. Bakkt is listed to the Fortune 500 and Fortune Future 50, the organization has been operating in the financial market since 2000.
  7. Merging of dozens of exchanges. Under the leadership of the parent company ICE, there are more than two dozen trading platforms.
  8. Powerful trading infrastructure. ICE has an extensive infrastructure for the development of Bakkt, it provides a wide range of tools and everything necessary for successful development.
  9. The popularity of blockchain technology. New opening ideas will be connected to the existing trading and market infrastructure, which will contribute to the further development of the blockchain.
  10. Leading positions in various futures groups. ICE is a leader in sales of Brent, coffee, sugar, and cotton.

The launch of the Bakkt platform will facilitate the merger of 2 segments of the financial world - the digital asset market and the fiat market. If the project is successful, consider participating in it. This will allow you to gain invaluable experience, perform operations with cryptocurrencies with minimal risks and use classic investment tools.