25-Million-USD Settlement for Tezos

Endy Callahan

Lawsuits that companies file against each other prove that the crypto community is an area where brands do not always find common ground. Serious issues may occur from time to time and then executives hire professionals to help them out. In some instances, legal processes take several years. They are costly and involve a lot of people.

Resolving problems seems to be too challenging for corporations, especially if this involves big money, intellectual property, and other assets. All mass media outlets have recently reported that there is a class- action lawsuit that targets Tezos. The procedure is likely to end in a twenty-five-million-USD settlement.


All in all, attorneys have been trying to find the most efficient ways out of the situation for a few years. The period lasting for such a long time was spent on the lawsuit. Specialists state that, according to the most recently issued papers, it alleges that Tezos didn’t follow the requirements and violated laws related to securities. Professionals state that the problem is linked to the ICO that the team concluded three years ago.

Many participants are now discussing the three-year-long process targeting XTZ. Now it seems to have come to a logical conclusion once the judge approved the brand’s twenty-five-million-USD settlement last week.

As the judgment indicates, the money will be split among all individuals and parties who took part in the ICO distributed three years ago. Back then, users sold their assets for a loss last year. Some people didn’t manage to sell the token. A part of the holders could not gain access to their XTZ since they might have lost their passwords.

Judges Draw Conclusions

Documents announce that all eligible parties are supposed to claim their share in the mentioned settlement in the nearest two months. Also, the authorities found it reasonable to award the plaintiffs’ counsel with attorneys’ fees. The sum must be equal to one-third of the entire settlement funds. Additionally, judges estimated approximately two hundred and three thousand USD worth of litigation expenses – that’s the money that the defendants should pay separately.

Experts who are taking part in the process state that the settlement seems to fully exclude the case’s defendants. This applies to the founding family of Tezos. More than that, official representatives mention all individuals who would hold a position with the brand’s foundation. Similar rules apply to a firm that possessed a ‘controlling interest’ in the ICO.

Many analysts note the role of the plaintiffs who have decided to relinquish their rights and are not willing to make further claims against the team as well as the rest of the defendants. On top, the court defined the agreement as adequate enough. Judges believe that the document is reasonable and offers fair conditions and terms. Authorities think that the case has comprised the most qualified litigation – it actually addressed different issues for the first time so far.

As information sources say, the case started three years ago. That’s when a group of plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the company’s founders. The list included the Breitmans along with the brand’s foundation. The group was alleging that the project’s offering covers and includes a securities ICO that is not licensed.