A Bull Run worth One Hundred Thousand USD

Colin Baseman

Bitcoin keeps posting the latest news. This time the team announced that the accumulation lasting for eight hundred and ninety-six days will inevitably trigger a bull run of one hundred thousand USD.

The price will reach its all-time record highs. The repositioning occurring for the last three years is going to approach a close.

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has spent approximately nine hundred days making adjustments from twenty thousand USD all-time records. Analysts claim that BTC is ready to take a trip to one hundred thousand USD. The process has already started.

Some of the most popular social media sourced support this same opinion. Analysts announced that the most powerful cryptocurrency’s climbdown lasting for almost nine hundred days might soon be finished.

Consolidation Structure Broken by the Crypto Price

Specialists who have done research and studies foresee another event. They believe that the consolidation structure will be broken by the Bitcoin price.

Customers who are interested in deeper details can refer to the chart given below. The diagram reflects a phase and its transformation in the past three years. This can be described as a massive accumulation. That’s when investors decided to buy in after repositioning. The structure is ready for disintegration. It will soon need to give way to another bull run. Analysts say it will break down the zone of twenty thousand USD.

The phase lasing for eight hundred and ninety-six days was dedicated to re-accumulation. Next, the bull run for one hundred thousand USD starts. The structure will reshape then. The question is whether the participants are ready for this.

The BTC’s price has finally completely removed loss that it experienced two months ago when the crash happened. All this created a higher low if we compare it to the peak f the bearish market two years ago.

What the diagram illustrates is that the cycle makes great changes to the market. Now it has positioned it for upside.

BTC/USD 3-year chart showing “consolidation structure.” Taken from: Positive Crypto/ Twitter

How Prepared Are Hodlers for the Bull

Analysts keep wondering whether hodlers are really getting ready for one hundred thousand USD.

The mass media sources report that the leading market analysts are sure that after the situation occurring this month, a bullish trend will start its active impact on Bitcoin. All this may last for the following two years or less.

Some models predict a price tag of two hundred and eighty-eight thousand USD in another two years. Others, at the same time, claim that all-time highs may lead to something even more massive and that would be five hundred and seventy-six USD per Bitcoin.

Pay attention to network indicators that also provide plenty of information. Sixty percent of the BTC supply hasn’t moved in the past year. It has stayed without change for almost half a year. However, its price-performance was extremely varied.

The hold wave that BTC has positioned itself has stimulated and sparked bull runs. And this trend is visible in each of the previous phases. Selling is something almost all investors would avoid at the moment. The reserves of the exchanges are presently at their lowest for the past a year and a half. Advanced and more experienced traders make their predictions trying to foresee the cryptocurrency’s further transformation and impact it makes on the market. Analysts also make efforts trying to prepare for something they haven’t witnessed before.