A New Platform from Skew Raises Millions

Colin Baseman

Platforms that crypto industry applies are about to change the world and Skew is a British fintech project that has recently received five million USD to launch a new platform. The company has already announced that skewTrading is ready to enter the market and welcome their first customers. Now users have access to their funds and this covers the entire community.

Octopus Ventures is responsible for leading the new funding round of five million USD. The fund itself is worth 1.2 million GBP and boasts deep fintech knowledge and rich experience. Skew reports to have raised seven million USD since its establishment.

The funds are necessary for further expansion. The team needs more engineers and creative professionals who are ready to dedicate themselves to the brand.

SkewTrading might interest those looking for an electronic brokerage platform. It represents a new form of trade execution since the system connects investors with potential providers. More than that, it allows listed and OTC products, including options, futures, and spots. The platform performs leverage of current clearing and deals with infrastructure – its mission is to present the best experience decreasing credit risk.

According to the representatives, the industry is far from being advanced as long as there is the so-called ‘institutional moment’ related to crypto. However, skew can serve as a great way to gain access to the crypto markets. Finally, professionals will be able to reach current analytics as well as liquidity networks through the same account.

Partnership for Further Development

Experience that partners gain while working in separate areas of the market can make Skew irreplaceable. This now seems to be the most convenient way to introduce crypto and allow participants work with it in a more convenient way.

Skew’s analysts report that they are happy to support the Skew team and help them on their way toward their new goal of opening up cryptocurrency to institutions. Besides the effort they have made so far with skewAnalytics, they are looking forward to trying skewTrading – the novelty will transform the brand’s offering.

Brokerage services are going to be different from now on. The newly launched platform looks appealing to institutional investors who are ready to enter the crypto world. The overall sum has reached seven million USD, which is quite an impressive result.

SkewTrading’s major focus and priority is OTC of CME block trades for BTC futures. They will also concentrate on BTC options on futures contracts. The fact is that the company is still testing the waters waiting for the key institutional moment to finally occur. Covering the CME futures will serve as a comfortable starting point for most institutions.

Creating a Team

Experts predict that the Skew’s team will soon be twice as big – at the moment there are nine members. Most of the new people will be responsible for creating and maintaining the engineering aspect of the business. The other areas are not less important and settlement in the crypto space as well as custody will always play an influential role.

The company knows what it is good at and will do all possible to keep its further development and improvement in many spheres. What investors get from their collaboration with the brand is the minimal credit risk. The platform will never hold investors’ funds. Customers will fully enjoy best-in-class trade execution services.

We have witnessed an impressive growth so far and have had enough time to see the company turning their ambitions into reality in the past few months. The number of users has increased thanks to Skew’s dedication to give its partners the best opportunities to benefit from the project.