Anti-Hack Measure Won’t Allow Tweets

Endy Callahan

We can still see that crypto transactions from Whale Alert’s are possible and available to all participants and you can practice them on the brand’s Telegram channel. However, it’s the platform has set some certain restrictions on its Twitter account for the time being.

Experts remind that Whale Alert is a well-known service that is mainly created for individuals willing to keep track of major cryptocurrency operations and transactions. Unfortunately, the team faced issues that have negatively affected many users.

This was done to prevent possible hack attacks. According to the most recent tweets, the company reported that the crypto bot is no longer capable of tweeting any transactions. This applies to both manual and automatic procedures – unfortunately, the anti-hack measure set by the system has affected the service.

Official representatives announced that their posts and comments are still available on their channel. At the same time, the team expresses its hope that the platform will soon do something to resolve the problem. Analysts predict that it may take a few days before the service will be able to start posting again.

The latest hack is the single greatest security breach for the social media till now and the disabling of the API’s is rather a serious measure used by the team in its attempts to prevent possible damage. They must be checking and testing the platform to ensure this wouldn’t occur again. Participants believe this will last for a few days and soon everything will return to its normal mode.

The Link with the Crypto World

Researchers note that it’s essential for the platform and service to keep in touch with the crypto community and inform its members about the latest changes and events. Whale Alert considers Twitter as the major link allowing the team to deliver and distribute information about crypto transfers. On the other hand, the service does not rely on the platform for revenue. The brand’s account is far more exposed than its channel.

Now they have over two hundred and eighty thousand followers. However, their channel boasts just thirty-six thousand subscribers. The company joined Twitter two years ago and managed to establish itself as the largest source of information related to crypto transactions. Also, the team is always willing to take part in various investigations when it comes to suspicious operations and illegal activities.

They often report about hacks and schemes targeted at all leading crypto exchanges. The company has had the channel for over one year. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that the system suffered a serious hack. It compromised several high-profile accounts, including Bezos, Muck, and Biden. Attackers used the accounts to promote fake crypto giveaways.

Many accounts on Twitter have also been attacked and hacked. Binance, as well as Bitfinex, is in the list of those who became criminals’ victims. Scammers also attacked Coinbase and Gemini. Experts claim that this was the most massive incident in the past few years.

Luckily, Twitter found the right measures to restrict access to internal tools and systems. Data shows that, unfortunately, the criminals managed to steal over one hundred and ten thousand USD from people. The team promises a one-million-USD reward to those who track down the scammers.