Association Welcomes Binance Aboard

Judy Rubio

‘Blockchain for Europe’ is a famous organization that welcomes new participants. Its team members are always happy to see newly registered parties join them. Their major mission is to share knowledge and experience with each other, gain more skills, and reveal new talents.

All this is necessary for future projects and their successful implementation and adoption across various sectors. From now on, Binance is considered to be an official blockchain representative across the European continent. Along with Ripple, it will do its best to achieve the goals executives have set for the upcoming years.

‘Blockchain for Europe’ is created for all European nations. This is an association that advocates for the harmonious regulatory system of the entire blockchain industry. Recently, it has accepted the globally biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance, as many participants already know, is regarded as the largest service among exchange providers by daily trading volume all around the globe. Its executives found it of utmost importance to become a part of the association.

Thursday is the first day of the exchange among other members of the group. Entering the association is a responsible move that will bring great changes in the crypto community. As professionals state, the team follows some of the most prominent industry firms like Ripple that is related to XRP. They also mention, a very well-known EOS developer.

Also, the group keeps flourishing and growing thanks to the efforts made by Blockseed Ventures. No doubt, is another participant that is not less important for the whole group. Besides reporting on accepting the new member, the team has already appointed the exchange’s head of operation across the U.K.

Progressive Ideas Help the Team Develop

Specialists state that Teana Baker-Taylor is the right candidate for the position of the chairman of the board. It’s essential to mention that the association came into existence two years go and since then it has served as a key blockchain association in the EU. Representatives’ major goal is to promote further education. They are also focused on proactive regulation of blockchain approaches across t he European Community.

At the very start, the team consisted of four members. The list included Ripple and the NEM Foundation. They also welcomed Emurgo along with development firm Fetch.AI. Major mass media outlets report that the group is now concentrated on reacting to the EU’s action program on anti-money laundering. Professionals refer all individuals willing to find out more detailed information to checkout thepublic consultation where we see that the association is ready to contribute to ongoing negotiations related to the proposed framework for numerous markets interested in crypto-assets.

The exchange has decided to join a few other groups related to the regulatory system. It is now a member of several organizations dealing with similar issues. Executives believe that the group will keep on collaborating with government policymakers. This, in turn, will help develop a new regulatory system for digital assets across the region. Thanks to the partnership with CryptoCompare, Ripple, and Coinbase, the team’s goals will be much simpler to achieve.

Just some two months ago, the exchange was also admitted to the Internet and Mobile Association that is mostly focused on India’s digital asset exchange organization. Their task is t o make a contribution to crypto’s development across the country’s territory.