Big Four Firms as Part of DeFi System

David Kemp

Economists can notice a few bullish developments. This covers the long-term period and we see that the crypto market keeps an eye on the current situation. How everything will change in the nearest three years depends on several essential aspects.

The accounting firms like Deloitte and KPMG are going to become an essential part of the DeFi ecosystem. What is now occurring will last for a few upcoming years, according dGen, a non-profit source based in Berlin. In its latest reports, the team concentrates on what the developers call the hottest issue in the entire blockchain world nowadays.

dGen’s specialists believe that DeFi could surprise many professionals dealing with the industry, although the system itself is in the infancy stage. It will provide a fresh structure of financial services in the nearest three years and longer. Many researchers and analysts support this viewpoint by making a number of drastic predictions related to the ecosystem and DeFi. According to experts, this may turn into an industry bringing trillions of dollars.

It will also provide great sources of income for many streamers. This would also be very beneficial for influencers and give lots of rewards to gamers within the upcoming ten years. More than that, several European financial institutions would be willing to adopt this. They would then be able to consider offering savings as well as pension accounts enabled by DeFi.

DeFi Will Soon Meet Big Four

Next, the team brings its arguments and says that the Big Four firms will become an important element of the ecosystem. They analyze EY and compare KPMG to others. Plus, the representatives research PwC and find out more about the expectations set by Deloitte.

Officials keep elaborating on the matter and say that the number of benefits that DeFi offers to traditional financial institutions is great. Many predict that the system is complex enough and that would require professionals who would be ready to service and audit the majority of activities. The mentioned four brands could focus on audits and compliance if they decided to capture a larger market share.

At the same time, specialists are enthusiastic about DeFi at large – they notice plenty of interest from regular customers and potential users who do not want to earn zero percent interest on their bank savings. Of course, specialists pay attention to several weaknesses of the sector and admit that the biggest disadvantage for it at the moment involves the danger of losing all of your existing funds. They say that the complexity of the system is another minus and it is involved in the structure, too.

These two nuances are just some of the most serious issues. However, professionals are ready to do all possible to resolve them before 2021. Additionally, the industry is full of other reports, and many regard this sector quite promising and blooming. We cannot ignore the fact that experts release reports and inform participants about the latest events occurring in the sphere. They account for the growth and claim that their popularity keeps steadily increasing.

Another subject that representatives often mention is tokenization protocols. Finally, the current reports emphasize incidents related to security issues – they analyze and describe certain DeFi platforms. Analysts consider Bancor and one of the platforms that draw their attention is The list includes Uniswap, too. All in all, all the mentioned services have suffered from a theft of twenty-six million USD.