Binance crypto exchange bought a platform for decentralized applications DappReview

David Kemp

The Binance crypto exchange announced the purchase of a system for decentralized DappReview programs. The amount of the transaction is not yet disclosed.

Key features of DappReview

The DappReview app allows you to get acquainted with analytical information and customer data for almost 4 thousand decentralized applications on thirteen open blockchains.

After the transaction, the platform will continue to be independent in technical terms, and Binance will provide support in other areas. These include business development and marketing services. It is predicted that the app will offer new products to users in the first quarter of next year.

Binance representatives called the deal "part of a consistent effort to build a robust global blockchain economic system." Wei Zhou, who serves as the exchange's financial Director, said the deal is the company's most important achievement in the dApps field.

Crypto exchange launched a platform for Binance X developers

The Binance crypto exchange is currently the largest in terms of trading volumes. The platform has launched a platform for Binance X developers, which it plans to use the services of third-party developers who will create projects with public source code based on their platform ecosystem. In the article "Binance Exchange" you can read in detail about the features of the trading platform.

The cryptocurrency exchange offered developers collaboration, training, and growth. Training is carried out using a library with technical documents, their number is constantly increasing, and hints are used. At the same time, Binance offers various programs that provide expert and financial support at various stages of development. The crypto exchange provides channels for communication between third-party developers and site team members in offline and online modes.

The Binance X Fellowship Program initiative includes four dozen projects, including GoBNB, Burner Wallet, and others.

Binance intends to offer a "regional analogue" of the Libra cryptocurrency

The Binance trading platform announced plans to launch another Venus project, through which the platform intends to develop regional digital assets and fixed-value coins that are linked to the national currencies of various countries of the world.

The platform's message reads, "Binance will create new alliances and partnerships with corporations, governments, and technology associations that participate in the vast ecosystem. All this increases opportunities for the distribution of new coins in dozens of countries around the world."

In Chinese media, Venus is called the "regional counterpart" of the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency.

Representatives of the crypto exchange told about its presence in several countries of the world, the desire to break the financial inequality in the world, as well as the creation of its own blockchain Binance Chain.

The company recalled the use of its distributed registry, on the basis of which a fixed-value coin will be issued. One will be linked to the pound sterling (BGBP), the other to Bitcoin (BTCB).

Binance noted, "We will provide technical support for the creation of Venus, throughout the process there will be a versatile partnership, as well as a system of control over legal risks. To do this, we will use communication with regulators and the existing infrastructure."

The head of Binance told about the plans to launch the exchange's division in the US

Changpeng Zhao said that Binance US is tentatively scheduled to start operating at the end of 2019. Initially, the site will not be able to serve New York state customers. To do this, it must obtain a New York financial services Authority license called BitLicense. The crypto exchange has not yet sent an application for a permit.

The head of Binance commented on the legal uncertainty in the US, "The United States has regulations in place. I want to believe that we will not have to wait long for their clear outlines. Anyway, we will try."

Binance bought India's WazirX crypto exchange

Binance bought out the WazirX trading platform. To date, there is no information about the purchase amount. The media make an assumption that the deal is estimated at 5-10 million dollars.

Thanks to the platform, Indians will be able to purchase and sell cryptographic currencies for rupees via Binance. The order began operating on November 25.

It is expected that In the first quarter of next year, the WazirX matching tool will be integrated into the Fiat gateway. As a result, customers will be able to use rupees to buy Tether, after which a coin with a stable value can be used to buy all assets.

A group under the Indian government advises authorities to ban all digital assets. Last year, the Central Bank decided to ban banks from serving individuals and organizations that are associated with cryptographic currencies.

Binance intends to expand the number of supported national currencies to 180

Changpeng Zhao said that his key task for the coming months is to integrate the remaining 180 national currencies into the trading platform. He noted, "Over the next few months, I will work to ensure that the remaining 180 national currencies can also be used on the crypto exchange."

The head of the crypto exchange noted the expected improvements in user service. If today customers sometimes have to wait up to a day for a response, then in the future this time will be compressed to 1 hour.

Undoubtedly, Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The trading platform has many advantages related to the convenience of trading, the visibility of the interface and acceptable terms of cooperation. If you want to engage in crypto trading, the best place to start is Binance.