Binance Surprises Europe with Innovations

Annabella Cornelly

The crypto market cannot deny the well-known fact and – Binance knows how to surprise customers. Executives keep developing new projects and invent something that helps our society to live a much more convenient life by introducing the public to various features that make our daily routine less tedious and annoying.

This time Europe welcomes the brand’s crypto debit cards. Developers offer a product that is powered by Swipe. Experts have long been looking forward to seeing the company’s newly launched debit cards since this is a totally new approach allowing the public to support four various cryptocurrencies that open up new opportunities.

What the team offers is officially ready to debut in several countries across the European Community. Mass media outlets announce that users residing in Europe will be permitted to apply for the brand’s debit cards next month already. As several sources state, other countries, including the UK, will definitely join the rest and accept the deal. Specialists predict Europe is prepared to test the innovation in the nearest future.

Customers interested in the offer are welcome to register and announce their interest via the company’s website. As many leading news agencies report, Swipe is now accessible in thirty-one European countries. The list includes some of the wealthiest nations and covers countries like Frances as well as Germany.

Also, we can see that Italian and Spanish customers are ready to accept the innovation. Unfortunately, what the firm can offer is not yet available for the U.S. population. Luckily, representatives say that the team is going to release this service very soon right after obtaining all appropriate certification and necessary licensing.

Security as well as safety of the users’ privacy is of utmost importance to the developers and the necessary documents will ensure that what the company provides is performed in a well-protected atmosphere.

Four Cryptos for Debit Card Users

What attracts most professionals and less advanced customers is that the newly launched debit cards will support four cryptocurrencies which, allows customers to carry out a wider range of money transfers, banking operations, and payments.

According to the latest reports, the new cards are ready to feature BTC. Also, customers will be able to enjoy SXP, the brand’s native token. There will also be BNB along with stablecoin BUSD. More than that, the card’s launch will permit customers to immediately convert the assets to fiat money and spend the funs at more than sixty million merchants in around two hundred areas and regions.

Officials admit that these cards will mainly function like traditional products and won’t require manual conversion of crypto to fiat before the customer initiates a purchase. Users will be free to choose to recharge their wallets right from their spot wallets on the platform as well as decide on the order of preference to debit their digital assets.

Executives explain that if a customer has fifty euros in crypto and fifty euros in crypto like BNB, then, if he performs an operation for seventy-five euro, the system would first approve it. Next, it would have to deduct the assets in the order chosen by the user. On top, the platform will let all customers store their crypto on their wallets. Bear in mind that the system would convert their assets to fiat when a transaction occured.

The team is happy to contribute to the integration and adoption of crypto across the globe. Everyday use of crypto makes the system one of the greatest ways for many customers to perform their daily transactions without additional fees. Finally, the new debit cards that the platform launches will save many customers’ time as well as money.