Bitmain Copes with Issues during Delivery Halts

Judy Rubio

The crypto community is still watching Bitmain struggling. At the same time, dozens of reports announce about ASIC delivery halts that the previous Chief Executive Officer initiates. The company’s processes carried out in Shenzhen face issues caused by Micree Zhan who disrupts shipment of devices created for mining. Unfortunately, the current situation has been bothering the team since the recent takeover of the office located in the capital city.

The physical takeover of the office found in Beijing was the beginning of the problem. Later on, Micree Zhan started to regain supervision and control over the company. The ousted officer keeps blocking the deliveries that the company performs and their products find no way out of the factory built and located in Shenzhen.

BlockBeats is a Chinese information facility that the local community follows and relies on. The team’s sources claim that Zhan arranged an order that bans workers from delivering manufactured production, hence customers won’t receive their goods. Why the officer is prohibiting the firm from shipping equipment is not clear.

The ousted official, according to the press, is likely to have regained the duties of a legal representative of the brand. Its subsidiary belongs to holding from Hong Kong and is nowadays under the supervision of Jihan Wu.

The Company Receives a Response

Bitmain’s company decided to make a statement a couple of days ago. Its officials had to demonstrate to the workers that they keep the issue under control. No doubt, the founders claimed they were trying to solve the situation via legal sources and mentioned they were aware of the damage that Zhan did.

Bitmain reassured the people that their group is ready to make up for the losses that the business had suffered. Additionally, they encouraged the employees to collaborate and increase the level of protection of Bitmain. What is occurring is just a conflict between Wu and Zhan – the two are seeking to receive as much support from the firm’s workers as possible.

The Roots of the Problems

There is a story behind the current conflict. The mass media reports that Zhan and Wu’s confrontation started a year ago. It was when Wu announced that he had come back to help the company. Zhan said that Wu did it in a manner that could hardly be considered legal. That’s when the men initiated a long-lasting struggle – each of them wished to return and regain the position in the firm. The local court received several lawsuits from both sides. Trying to involve judges has made the situation even worse and now neither Wu nor Zhan is ready for friendly negotiations. The struggle seems to have been going on for too long, and yet no one knows how the conflict will end.

According to many witnesses, Wu has been suffering more since last month, after the press informed about an erupted outright brawl in town – the unknown attacker tried to take the firm’s seal. However, some journalists do not believe the story and are sure that the incident was less serious than it may sound.

Last month Bitmain made another statement where the group officially reaffirmed Zhan’s ousting. That, in turn, suggested the matter didn’t seem secure at all. Throughout the past few days, Zhan has been gaining ground in the conflict thanks to the force he resorted to. Now he is said to have regained plenty of control and can easily disrupt the company’s operations. Before Zhan’s unfair actions, Bitmain had no complaints and reported to have had appropriate working conditions and a favorable operating environment.