Block Explorer Can Be Acquired by Metal

Colin Baseman

One of the latest news that has drawn many crypto participants’ attention is related to the fact that EOSIO explorer is now known to belong to another company. Metal is a payment platform based on blockchain technology. As news agencies announce, it has managed to acquire The latter, as many users already know, is a multifunctional EOSIO platform.

Professionals pay attention to another aspect and it is related to the binding letter for the acquisition. Executives say that the document was signed a few days ago. Official representatives of Metal are not yet willing to disclose the final amount of the agreement. First, was launched as a regular block explorer applied for EOS.

Later on, the product expanded and turned into a multi-purpose platform. As experts state, this product can support different networks. The list includes names like Proton, Telos, WAX, and several other not less prominent brands. Analysts researching this project say that the platform has over one hundred thousand daily active customers and representatives expect that the number of new users is going to increase in the nearest future.

This might be the first block explorer that the company acquired. It is very possible that this product will remain the only one of this kind, too. With the current agreement, Metal may hope to fully benefit from a great number of real token owners basing on the platform and employing its features.

Further Collaboration with Developers

The company’s team is looking forward to further partnership with the explorer’s developers. Right now, it is led by Syed Jafri. As many participants still remember, the former managed to win a two-hundred-thousand-USD EOSIO smart contract challenge. The mentioned project was arranged by the brand three months ago. Metal has a lot of other goals and ambitions.

Executives have generated plenty of interesting ideas that they would like to bring into reality soon. Representatives would like to expand the capabilities of the proprietary blockchain and cryptocurrency. Users know it as Proton (XPR). More than that, the mentioned product is a public blockchain. At the same time, it is a smart contract platform.

Creators made it to meet the requirements of individuals who are interested in P2P payments and various applications. Additionally, Metal’s team wants to integrate some of its existing products into the platform that runs on the blockchain provided by WAX. This will become a chain and wallet option.

Non-fungible token marketplaces do need platforms that would help them attract more potential customers and make their existing options and features more beneficial for the public. Metal keeps on growing and developing. Just three months ago the company purchased Lynx (LYNX), which is known to be a project focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Specialists remind that there are plenty of additional block explorers. All of these platforms are created to track transactions as well as blocks on the EOSIO blockchain – this is a famous decentralized system powered by EOS, its native crypto asset. Established two years ago, EOS is regarded as one of the top-ranked cryptocurrencies. It is now ranked the eleventh top digital currency. Its market cap reaches more than three billion USD.