Blockchain Education Alliance Is Growing

Colin Baseman

There are more and more significant companies known all around the world that are ready to join the Blockchain Education Alliance. As many reports suggest, the project was launched thanks to the efforts made by blockchain accelerator called MouseBelt.

The list of the companies that have expressed their willingness to become part of the plan is ING Bank. Also, there are representatives of AB-InBev. Another serious partner of the program is Rolls Royce. Finally, all news sources announce that the program appeared appealing to

Professionals state that the Blockchain Education Alliance has managed to gain a number of prominent and influential members that have recently joined the team. It’s important to mention that the organizers of the project say that the new partners include a brewing company, a bank, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a luxury car company. All in all, the group consists of twenty-six members who are currently part of the organization.

MouseBelt’s developers report that all of the mentioned corporations have been employing blockchain technologies throughout the past five years. The alliance took part in a conferenced that lasted for three days. It was streamed non-stop three months ago – that was the time when many participants were under lockdown and it was impossible for them to attend classes. Thanks to the organizers of the virtual conference, people from more than twenty universities could participate in the event.

Participants Reveal Their Potential

Official representatives of the firm admit that their main mission was to connect related programs to participants. This would include researchers, students, and protocols through the alliance. Various analysts who have studied the project state that the alliance is ready to support education. They wish to let all parties gain the connections, skills, and necessary knowledge that they would apply while contributing to the blockchain ecosystem.

We have witnessed the time when many people would not be able to return to campus. On the other hand, we see that the opportunities for educational experiences are increasing. This, in turn, allows all partners to choose from a greater variety of jobs. They might be interested in internships and several other aspects of great importance. Almost one year ago, the alliance was in tight contact with ICON and Hedera. The team collaborated with Harmony One and Ontology.

Additionally, they knew that their partnership with LTO Network and Nervos would bring them success. Finally, there were ETC Labs along with Wanchain that made all of what the team creates even more efficient. Professionals admit that it was a smart decision for Xpring and Mastercard to join the scheme. Being team members, IoTeX and NEO have greatly contributed to the program and made it more productive and complete.