Blockchain Improves Social Media Specifics

David Kemp

The mass media outlets keep on growing and developing – their creators are trying to improve the existing systems and make their infrastructures much more affordable for the regular customer.  As technologies continue to develop and improve, there are more and more new projects are evolving.

Some of the most prominent software studios keep wondering if blockchain fight is effective and whether it can beat state-sponsored censorship. All these topics are of great importance to the crypto society living in the post-coronavirus era. Social media platforms that are backed by blockchain are said to bring many more choices and variety for millions of active users all around the globe.

People are nowadays rethinking numerous topics and their list of concerns includes technology development. Many participants are interested in economic measures. Yet, there are thousands of individuals who think that freedom of speech is not less essential. Luckily, blockhain can currently save a lot of industries.

There are microblogging platforms that are decentralized and their founders say that all they need is blockchain to make their projects more successful.  No one wants to deal with state-sponsored censorships and the coronavirus has only proved this fact once again. Interviews that executives give reports that freedom of speech cannot be ignored or overestimated. This is not an instrument to impress any parties. As long as this opinion is not related to provoking more violence and abuse, people should have the right to let others hear what they have to say.

Opportunities to Express Your Mind

The blockchain technology is an excellent instrument that our society should employ while expressing its opinion. There should be no risk of punishment for bold statements and open-mindedness. Community governance systems make decentralized platforms even more appealing and efficient. However, as many users state, they make it technically challenging to meet censorship sponsored by the state and this applies to the recent ban of TikTok that occurred in the USA.