Blockchain: New Stages of Evolution

Colin Baseman

Experts admit that the evolutionary path taken by blockchain seems to be exciting and quite promising. It reminds us of the processes our society saw when the Internet was evolving and developing. Similar trends are occurring in the blockchain technology – now the crypto market is witnessing its second cycle and a new phase.

Our society has been using the Internet for the past three decades. There is not a single aspect this invention hasn’t yet penetrated. At the moment, the Internet regulates and supports everything people do. We can hardly imagine our existence without it. Technology keeps on evolving and right now it has reached a certain crossroads. What is now happening may have a similar effect on people’s lives and the new invention that we are talking about is blockchain. Look closer and you’ll instantly see its powerful potential.

On the other hand, some skeptics may still be asking questions and wondering about blockchain. As a rule, such people wish to know why people do not yet use it and what digital assets might be good for. They are also bothered to find out when we will start purchasing stuff using BTC. Those things are interesting and may sound surreal to some. How soon all this happens is not yet clear. However, hundreds of websites allow customers to buy products with their crypto assets.

Using BTC to fill up your car at a gas station is not yet possible. Such changes need some time to become a reality. Each innovation evolves in cycles and goes through several phases. All the mass-market products and services that we use nowadays had to go through many layers and jump many hoops before they became available to the public. Blockchain is no exception – this technology will also have to take tests to prove its reliability and demonstrate its full potential. The Internet is one of such technologies and it became available to the society after some time.

New Technologies throughout History

Our very first days of using the Internet were full of adventure. We do remember the moments when AOL began dropping CDs in our boxes. The quality of connection and its speed would hardly satisfy even the slowest user nowadays. Thanks to our Internet service providers we had access to the World Wide Web. Being online was truly fantastic and unforgettable. No one was ready to predict what the Internet would do to our planet’s future in just another five or ten years. People were feeling excited and intrigued not fully realizing what’s waiting for them ahead.

All the things we have mentioned remind us of those happening in the crypto world. Blockchain is moving up its path and the technology is evolving at a tremendous speed. Blockchain involves the crypto. And, no doubt, we need exchanges that would sell the crypto.

Right now, exchanges are working with a lot of people, and yet the number of people is quickly increasing – users soon understand the opportunities that blockchain carries and are happy to make full use of the features that this modern technology is so rich in. This can be compared to the wave that followed the invention of broadband.

When an average Internet user got online, he didn’t realize that in the future he would be able to share files or send movies in a matter of seconds. The same is happening with blockchain. People need to open up to the unexpected that this technology hides in itself. The first phase is over. The second one has begun and it is also full of positive change, great experience, and potential that we cannot even think of in our wildest dreams.