Blockchain programming

David Kemp

The development of blockchain technologies caused craze around applications that are based on it. Their creation requires knowledge of special areas of programming. Get acquainted with all peculiarities you need to know to master programming languages.

Blockchain has gathered a lot of followers, to the point that the app may be not as interesting to them without the decentralized record-keeping system. It is not always easy to find a good programmer that can implement the vision on this platform. Get familiar with with the basics needed for implementing blockchain systems.

What you need to know about blockchain programming

A newbie blockchain developer firstly needs to go though programming languages. The specific choice depends on the platform that will be used for creating a decentralized application. You can learn about the most popular programming languages for blockchain technology here. The most commonly used are C, C++, and Java.

The C++ language is the perfect solution for exploring crypto programming. It was used to develop the Bitcoin Core client. Then you can start learning Python, Node.JS, Perl and others that are supported and used to create cryptocurrency systems.

You can focus on C and C++ with OpenCL/Cuda, if you are interested in GPU programming. These languages are perfect for developing services, mining pools and wallets as well. Working with them is priceless experience.

A good developer should be familiar with the decentralization, autonomy, scalability, and fault tolerance of distributed hashtables.

Smart-contracts development

Crypto contracts are a special algorithm that serves to conclude an agreement and ensure the fulfillment of its terms on the blockchain. The scope of their application is extremely wide, it covers the sale of real estate, ICO and more.

Writing smart contracts is an important task. Since they are included in the blocks of a distributed network, they are almost impossible to hack. If you make a mistake, the contract can become more vulnerable to hackers.

Special platforms are used to create crypto-contracts. Obviously, the raising interest in these technologies is leading to their quantity increase. The most popular are the following platforms:

  • Ethereum;
  • Hyperledger;
  • NEM;
  • Stellar.

The Ethereum platform is especially popular. It allows you to get functional smart contracts and a developed community. This will help to successfully implement the ICO project and attract solvent users to it. To create a crypto-contract on Ethereum, the developer needs to use a special language Solidity, based on JavaScript. Smart contract templates make it easy to use the platform without an extensive background in mathematics, programming, and coding.

Studying Solidity language will help you create reliable and secured smart contracts.

Blockchain programming is a relatively new direction, though its popularity is growing significantly every year. Though, one needs to put much efforts to master these languages. If you are interested in blockchain programming, you may start with C and C++. This will provide basic knowledge for future activities.