Brazen Bitcoin Scam Sees Victim Hand Over

David Kemp

Conman gets over $7,500 involving “Police” to notorious Bitcoin scam 

It is hard to believe that the primitive notorious Bitcoin scheme continuous to fool people even nowadays. Though, the scammers managed to grab $7,500 from just one cryptocurrency holder. In the scenario, the rogues call potential victims pretending to be policemen.

The scammers make up a crime story involving the person they call or his family and friends. Without a doubt, they frighten the victims by prosecution. Of course, it is possible to avoid it – the victim has to make a Bitcoin transaction.

The victim lost over $7 thousand

The Delta Police Department states that yesterday the notorious scheme brought about high profits to the fraudsters. The lady from Delta, British Columbia was the one who suddered this criminal damage last night.

It is mentioned that the woman got the phone call from scammers. They claimed themselves to be Service Canada representatives (this is the service providing various services in the nation). The told her she needs to make a transfer of more than 10,000 Canadian dollars (about $7500 USD) to Bitcoin wallet they mentioned to her, and she agreed on that. That happened on March 4.

The scammers told her the agency has marked her SSN as the one being connected to drug trafficking. 

Right afterwards, the conman said could be arrested soon. Though, he promised to sort out the issue if she makes a payment. She should have noticed that cryptocurrency payment clearly indicates fraud in this case.  

The victim believed every word she heard and made started withdrawing funds from her bank account. At some point, she was lucky to get her daughter involved, so she noticed a pitfall.  She agreed to make some investigations on the matter.

She was about to send 2,000 CD more, when she got in touch with the real police and informed them. The police have successfully intercepted the victim when she was almost making another payment.

Brian Hill (Delta Police) took care of warning the people about this fraud scheme:

Bitcoin scheme proves to be efficient indeed

Active cryptocommunity members are no doubts aware there is a long way till government entities accept Bitcoin payments. Though, they are looking forward the day cryptocurrency payments are officially accepted.

Obviously, scammers prefer most uninformed and naive people (in most of the cases elderlies) as their target. Such victims can be easily tricked and persuaded, especially when the phone number looks like the one from police.  According to NewsBTC statistics, this fraudulent activity brought more than $2 million to scammers last year.