BTC as a Mainstream Payment Alternative

Endy Callahan

PayPal is a famous payment system that provides payment options to people all around the globe. Its quality is superb and the speed of its services is also outstanding. This is one of the companies that employ skilled professionals and what their team does excels all other brands.

Recently, the mass media outlets have announced that PayPal is ready to join the crypto industry. Now the question is how this step may influence the community and whether it can mean something significant for the BTC and ETH prices.

A few days ago, PayPal, the most known payments system, reported that its team is going to consider displaying crypto assets via its platform. Currently, specialists say that the service has approximately three hundred and twenty-five million accounts in every corner of the world.

Official representatives of the brand admit that they are intensively looking for experienced crypto specialists and experts dealing with blockchain technology. All these factors indicate that what the press reports is not a regular rumor. Hopefully, what the team has planned to accomplish will perfectly align with the firm’s principles and policies.

Almost seven years ago, the company developed a great interest in crypto. Back then, the representatives told that they were ready to see the cryptocurrency make its way to the payments system and its instrument.

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Some time later, officials confirmed that the platform needs to integrate the crypto in the future to keep track of the transforming financial situation. Numerous bullish remarks made an impact on the company’s executives and the brand established thee partnerships. They started collaboration with GoCoin, Coinbase as well as BitPay. Transactions were handled by third parties and they never integrated onto the company’s e-wallet. It didn’t obtain BTC directly through its website, either.

Ready for Great Change and Transformation

Since then Pay Pal has reconsidered its views and is now ready to make a change. What happened four or five years ago has influenced executives’ decisions and now the system is willing to give the new project a try and integrate the cryptocurrency.

Speculations and rumors cannot make the brand’s owners comment or reveal details. Analysts predict that the platform might introduce sales of BTC through Venmo and their native system. Experts believe that the company is very likely to be collaborating with several exchanges since the team intends to provide certain liquidity. Additionally, PayPay will provide custodian services – in this case, customers will be able to keep their assets in the company’s e-wallets.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear how soon the executives will start integrating and realizing their ideas or bringing them into life. They refrain from commenting on the matter and do not seem to be ready to discuss their plans publicly.

Rumors, on the other hand, sound credible enough since the system’s job listings are available for all those who would like to apply for the offered positions. Media sources note that the brand has already published a vacancy for a crypto engineer. All newly hired specialists will be working with the brand’s research group and taking part in various projects and studies.

What the team is doing at the moment does not contradict their principles and policies. As we know, PayPal focuses on customers’ needs and desires and does all possible to meet their expectations. This includes people who hold crypto and wish to process crypto payments via the platform.