BTC Darknet for Drug Dealers

Colin Baseman

At times, it seems there is nothing that would stop criminals spread their illegal activities. Scams and fraud are not the only problems that the modern crypto community has faced nowadays. There are several other issues that are not less serious and even more dangerous.

German mass media outlets have recently announced that authorities detected and identified drug lords who have been using the darknet that was enabled by Bitcoin. Criminals were related to narcotics trade. This sort of individuals may damage the reputation of the entire crypto industry since it makes the public believe that the crypto space is not as safe and secure as it claims.

On the other hand, officials are doing all possible to prevent such cases and they seem to be quite successful. As news reports say, the largest narcotics marketplace has stood trial today.

Representatives mention that the alleged drug dealers are involved in the so-called ‘Chemical Revolution, which is the largest darknet marketplace where some of the greatest amounts of drugs in Germany are traded.

As we know, the number of initial defendants is already very high. According to the news agencies’ reports, the trial washeld in a congress hall. Also, the process was arranged in Giessen located in central Germany. The area chose for trial is large enough and can accommodate the proceedings. Today the court has arranged trial for seven defendants.

However, there is a total of eleven individuals who werearrested a year ago. They were accused of connections with the same case. Most of the criminals were charged with trading huge amounts of drugs. The list includes MDMA. On top, there were instances when the group sold cocaine as well as heroin.

Buyers could also purchase other drugs like cannabis and amphetamine. Trading was performed via the darknet and customers paid in Bitcoin, the top-ranked cryptocurrency.

Proceedings Present Facts

Frankfurt’s authorities claim that the eleven defendants managed to traffic more than one hundred and thirty kilograms of amphetamines. They sold approximately forty-two kilograms of cannabis. More than that, the group had seventeen kilograms of crystalline ecstasy and 13 lbs of cocaine.

The mentioned amounts of drugs were sold within two years, between 2017 and 2019. Prosecutors announce that the criminals’ profits exceed one million euros, which makes the darknet marketplace the largest narcotics trade platform in Germany. Police officers realize that the web of operations is rather complex and may have involved more people.

Recent data proves that the investigation took a few months and culminated in the closure of the website. They also seized drugs and arrested the group. Thanks to the efforts and professionals of the undercover investigators it was possible to perform fake drug purchases and identify the real names and locations of the individuals. It would have been much harder to investigate the matter without the insider informers and administrative structures.

Representatives reveal that the principal offender and the leader of the criminal group is a 26-year-old resident of Mallorca who has German citizenship. There are different points and all of the defendants were involved in the website’s transfers within the entire supply chain. Online drug trafficking is not a rare phenomenon.

There was a twenty-seven-percent increase in drug crimes last year. Online operations of this kind are carried out anonymously and drug dealers employ special encryption software to protect themselves from being detected.