BTC Mining Bust Initiates a New Season

Judy Rubio

The mass media have recently been making reports on the so-called new season called ‘Billions’. It will start with BTC mining bust.

The news is of great interest to all cryptocurrency fans who have been talking about the event, trying to predict the most probably result. The new episode might be quite surprising and special for most participants.

The release of the first episode became possible thanks to Showtime – the team has presented another part of the fifth season of the series. ‘Billions’ is a financial drama and the latest episode accompanies a BTC mining bust, which makes the two events of even greater importance.

All fans are welcome to enjoy the new season. To be aware of the events occurring in the serious, new viewers should watch the previous seasons and episodes to find out more about the characters taking part in the series.

In short, the serious tells curious facts about the life of Preet Bharara. The man used to work as an attorney and was quite a successful New York District citizen. The company released its new season a few days ago. The story revolves around a cluster of crypto enthusiasts mining the currency, who are running an illegal crypto platform.

The plot is based on real events and all the characters experience and practice is not rare in the real world.

Previous seasons are not less exciting and informative – they tell about the whole industry of the stock markets. There, viewers can see the processes of legal disputes with powerful managers. We’ll see a number of episodes showing how the Wall Street business people live their lives and solve their problems. People who consider themselves true crypto enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the latest episodes and feel familiar with the entire atmosphere shown in the movie.

Discussion and BTC Value

Viewers will meet Chuck Rhoades. The man works as an attorney general, living and working in the USA. The drama series tells and shows how he interrogated the head of the illegal BTC mining platform once they exterminated the organization.

One of Rhoades’ questions included some information about the numerous computers. He reveals how many servers the mining farm owned and operated. The attorney was interested in the details of the processes and how machines and math equations could help them mine BTC. He admitted that the crypto was worth millions of dollars. However, his main point was to see what backed the currency. The miner’s answer was smart. He asked a question no one expected. In fact, he let the attorney think about the dollar and tell him what backed the U.S. currency if the nation went off the gold standard.

Reactions Coming from the Crypto Community

The new season has raised lots of questions and stimulated plenty of discussion. ‘Billions’ is now the topic that the crypto world is talking about on some of the major social networks. There are a lot of participants who readily shared the video of the above-mentioned interrogation events and there is hardly a miner who hasn’t yet seen it.

The series seems to be really popular and even famous people dealing with the cryptocurrency are the movie’s fans. The episodes keep being retweeted and now anyone can see it on official accounts of personalities like Changpeng Zhao.

Another interesting fact some may have noticed is that notions like blockchain and cryptocurrencies appeared in the latest season of ‘The Simpsons’. The characters mentioned the crypto technology a couple of months ago.

We cannot deny the fact that the crypto industry is broadening its borders and crossing new frontiers. The number of people who find out about cryptocurrencies and blockchain is increasing.