BTC Repeats Its Trends Seen Four Years Ago

Annabella Cornelly

What is now happening to the cryptocurrency may surprise some market analysts as well as traders. Its dormant supply metric reminds us of the run-up to twenty thousand USD that the crypto price reached four years ago. Sixty-one percent of the BTC supply has remained in almost the same position for longer than a year – the only time the crypto market witnessed that ever before the crypto’s all-time highs.

BTC hodlers are getting ready to face a bull run. And this one will not differ from the run that led to twenty thousand USD all-time highs around three years ago, according to one metric. Glassnode is one of the on-chain resources carrying out monitoring. The team said that the proportion of the BTC supply has not yet left its current wallet and this has been going on for longer than a year, which reflects a similar situation we saw four years ago.

We cannot deny the fact that the crypto sometimes meets hectic periods and its price action does not look optimistic enough. The recent data demonstrates that more than sixty-one percent of the supply stayed dormant and this includes both lows and highs. Business development specialists also keep track of the latest trends and mention the similarities they have noticed this year. The resource announced that four years ago the market recorded similar behavior among thousands of hodlers.

Traders see that there is a certain implication and it indicates that people are less willing to trade or sell – this sort of reluctance is visible and makes analysts believe that it would be much more beneficial to start saving. Additionally, there is evidence that users witnessed this amount of BTC that hadn’t managed to move in longer than a year was in 2016. This tendency preceded BTC’s bull run toward twenty thousand USD. Dozens of Twitter users keep discussing the current position and making further predictions.

Charts Illustrate BTC Supply Activity

Crypto analysts suggest all participants should look into the charts and study the details. As the diagram illustrates, the similarities between the two periods are visible, which makes many users expect to see the same tendencies, highs, lows, and typical spikes.

Investment cycles are frequent phenomena and whenever they occur in BTC, they are described as ‘hodl waves’. Almost every media source notices data has long demonstrated parallels with the event that happened in 2016.

Another fact is that, if compared to the run of 2019 that reached fourteen thousand USD, it faced dormant supply levels reach fifty-six percent. Four years ago it was different, and yet there was no space for a cool-off period between the bull run and the dormant supply spike. In 2017 the crypto market witnessed a record and the road to it started more than a latency pause of approximately a year.

All professionals as well as less advanced participants are excited to watch the assets prepare their path to new highs. Many various indicators can easily emphasize the mentality of saving that is typical of BTC. Exchange reserves currently remain at thirteen-month lows. However, it’s essential to mention that the signs of accumulations are significant and we notice it in wallets whose balances are either whale-size or comparatively small.

Data agencies demonstrated that ninety percent of days were dedicated to accumulation which occurred between January and June this year. Finally, the number of users who boast a balance of one thousand BTC and more has risen by more than two percent.