BTC Scammers Rename the Channel

David Kemp

Scammers seem to be getting more and more active nowadays. They have been ruining the reputation of the entire crypto community and doing too much harm to its participants. Recent news reports announced that Bitcoin scammers have decided to rebrand the YouTube channel belonging to Jon Prosser.

Now the channel is known as ‘NASA’. Luckily, the system administration found it necessary to urgently take down the channel. Currently, there are two hundred and sixty-two thousand subscribers and this is what usually attracts cybercriminals. They attack profiles and accounts of individuals who have collected big audiences.

Criminals’ mission is to use such popular channels to promote their illegal activities and make people pay their money for services they provide illegally. Prosser’s channel was used by the hackers to advertise a free crypto giveaway scam.

News agencies state that scammers have deceived a lot of YouTube viewers and made them transfer cryptocurrency to the criminals’ accounts. They also hacked a few other large verified channels and accounts.

There, the attackers posted videos where they inform the audience about their free giveaway program. As one of thetweets suggests, the mentioned channel on the famous platform was attacked by individuals pretending who they are not – the latter decided to rename the account to and started live-streaming a promotional video. The material was fake and promoted a crypto giveaway featured high-profile people and celebrities. Unfortunately, there were few participants who believed that the scheme was trustworthy enough and, as a result, the hackers have collected approximately four thousand USD in cryptocurrency till now.

According to Prosser, he got in touch with the platform’s administrations. He received a reply from the system where the representatives required him to fill out a special form and remain patient for several weeks.

Scammers Delete Videos

Prosser spent seven years publishing his video and uploading various materials on his platform channel. However, after the hackers attacked the account, they deleted the majority of the man’s videos. The platform managed to take the channel down and made it inactive around two hours after the owner first detected the problem. At the moment, his account is kept offline.

As many specialists can now claim, scammers have been looking for this kind of channel for a long time. They used to impersonate famous people and influencers as well as popular corporations and brands. What hackers do force the platform stand in court since high-profile figures file various lawsuits against the service. On the other hand, the current case is rather worrying and more serious than it might seem. Jonreported that the cybercriminals used a SIM swap hack to access his account utilizing its 2FA.

One day previously, there was a breach by Melker. Back then, the man shared his opinion and recommended the crypto space to never employ SMS verification as a part of their 2FA. Instead of it, he suggests using an authenticator application from a device that the owner keeps offline. Analysts admit that all users should be more cautious and attentive since hackers coordinate their attacks.

Lately, the leading mass media outletinformed the crypto community about other cases of hacked channels where criminals were promoting the same scheme. Talyta Rocha has become of the recent victims. The hair influencer with over one hundred and fifty-five subscribers was attacked by hackers.