Bugs in Algorithm Detected

Judy Rubio

Blockchain technologies are safe and secure enough – thanks to the efforts made by hundreds of engineers and technologists this kind of modern innovation can be considered to be one of the most advanced in more than one way. What crypto specialists admit is that sometimes even they can face certain technical issues. Luckily, they never give up and do all possible to resolve all kinds of problems utilizing their tools and instruments.

Blockchain technologies may sometimes suffer from different bugs and in this case firms like Bluzelle manage to uncover critical errors in their algorithms. Cosmos’ Consensus, according to the latest mass media reports, has recently reported to have detected a critical bug that has been causing too much trouble to the entire system. Not all companies can detect and patch their protocols so promptly.

However, we do hope that Tendermint is no exception and that in the future other companies will be able to identify and resolve this type of issue in due time. Thanks to many skilled professionals, nowadays platforms and services can get rid of technical issues in a matter of hours and the most recent event that occurred last Thursday is one of the great examples of how such errors are found and patched by experts.

Bluzelle appeared to be experienced enough to discover a bug hiding in the consensus algorithm. Tendermint is used by the Cosmos interchain protocol  - the company that asked the decentralized data network to help them find the right solution. According to the official representatives of the network, the team detected the issue during a validators’ contest. The event involved two hundred and twenty participants.

Bugs Are Patched in Due Time

Participants didn’t manage to resume their activities even though they had restarted the blockchain. The company decided to send an extensive bug report – Cosmos received it after the event occurred last month. Luckily, the engineers fixed the issue last week. The official representatives of the company noted that the problem was serious enough and it was a real threat to the contest.

At the same time, the team is happy to have gained such an experience and claims that it was a truly valuable test and exercise for all participants. The problem proved that the firm consists of the best specialists who are not afraid of challenges and are ready to diagnose bugs and resolve such problems.

Bluzelle, as we all know, is not a sidechain belonging to Cosmos. The network itself was created utilizing the company’s software development kit. More than that, it uses Tendermint, and now when the protocol launches, the network will employ it to establish a connection with other chains. Bluzelle, as news sources report, launched its major network three months ago. The executives announce that their network has combined several features typical of edge computing with DLT.

The company’s blockchain is split into swarms – it is possible to create them as well if we base them on their geographical location. Of course, we would then need to allow for relatively lower computation latency. All in all, this kind of issue may appear at any time and even the most advanced services and systems cannot guarantee that their protocols will never face bugs.

Fortunately, the latest instruments and tools that professionals employ help resolve problems in a much shorter time. Companies are constantly gaining experience and learn from challenging situations they meet when they least expect them.