Casa is Launching a Privacy-enhancing BTC Wallet

Annabella Cornelly

Cryptocurrency startup Casa originated in New York has produced an innovative e-wallet for newcomers to BTC with long-standing HODLers.

In a June 13 publication, a cryptocurrency company that offers confidential key controlling services proclaimed the Casa Wallet creation following speculation by the mantis venture Fund VC.Casa Wallet is a digital e-wallet developed to ensure discretion. It lets operators not disclose private data other than their email addresses with names.

Furthermore, different from several digital wallets like Exodus, the crypto startup reported that its operators generally do not have to make a new account containing the original phrase — this is typically a mnemonic expression required to restore access to the e-wallet. As said by Casa developers, users may generate a storage key on their cell phones. The-encoded reserve is later distributed amid Casa as well as the cloud provider that is OS-focused, besides wallet owners can obtain it via two-factor authentication.

Additionally, Casa Wallet contains a "Key Health" feature that permits people to verify the secretive keys, confirm that this wallet has earlier been reserved, then verify the authenticity of operator signatures.

Not the initial RAID on wallets

As published in September, crypto project Casa presented its application of Sats wallet for owners of iOS and Android.Sats may be utilized lacking a Lightning node BTC hardware.

Casa issued a Node Monitor service to recover the BitComet network health

The cryptographic company Casa, which offers a service of private key control as well as a BTC machine node, has introduced a platform for monitoring nodes and related recompenses to develop the performance of the BTC network.

Casa crypto startup publicized the novel ventures in an official last year’s post in August. In line with the ad, the so-called Node Heartbeats, the node monitor, depends on forming a brief linking amid the Casa server and a virtual synchronized and triggered Tor node possessed by the customer. The payments program allows users of theCasa node to make 10,000 SatsBack each week in market stock for accomplishing the node 5 heartbeat checks a week on various days.

It is reported that users can exchange SatsBack BTC in the Casa Key Master app one time a day if the operator has collected at least 50,000 SatsBack units. As it was reported, Casa finds it challenging customers to keep pace with the security and health of their nodes. By arranging an inducement program to develop node performance, the firm seemingly hopes to recover the general health of the BTC network.

Investor of Casa Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, announced back the previous year that he had financed in Casa. Lee applauded Casa for supporting Bitcoin, remarking:

 “I feel the same way concerning Casa currently as I did about Coinbase at the time I united with it in 2013 as a third financier. In fact, Casa makes BTC easier to use, hence this is highly significant for this sphere. I anticipate great things!”

Interest in bitcoin has fallen. Cryptocurrency has set a new anti-record

The number of active nodes in the network of the first cryptocurrency has fallen to the lowest since 2017. The technical director and co-founder of Casa explained what this might be related to

The number of full nodes in the bitcoin network has fallen to a three-year low of 47,000, according to developer Luke Dasher. He said that the last time the figure was at such a low level was in 2017, and in January 2018 it reached a record of 200,000. The drop in the number of nodes suggests that fewer persons are relaying novel transactions and keeping the full transaction history on their PCs, writes CoinDesk.

"The reduction in the BTC price led to people’s loss of interest, abandoning their wallets as well as nodes," explained Jason Lopp, Casa’s Technical Director, and co-founder.

Developer Matt Corallo added that the quantity of nodes does not matter and does not affect the BTC network, as long as there are sufficient nodes for the network to remain operational. Now the average market rate of BTC is $9,884. Over the past day, it has grown by 6%. The share of the coin in the cryptocurrency market reached 67.9%.