Celsius Tops Fifty Thousand BTC

Judy Rubio

Celsius is a platform that has managed to top fifty thousand BTC in deposits. That’s the amount of crypto worth three hundred eighty billion USD. The platform offers attractive conditions and their terms are really appealing. Here customers can ask for a loan or, if their purposes are different, earn interest. Everything is performed in a simple and comprehensive manner. It satisfies financial needs of millions of people. More than that, the platform is compatible with mobile devices so customer can access the services through their mobile phones.

The app is popular and has over one hundred thousand users. The company keeps developing and this year is almost sixty per cent as productive as it was in 2019.

The representatives believe that the stable growth in deposits as well as users demonstrates the tendencies that resulted twelve years ago and in 2020.

The platform admits that they have always treated everyone equally. The firm does not pay attention to how much the customer owns. More than that, they always try to do their best to meet the community’s requirements and expectations. The platform applies blockchain approach and makes its services available all around the globe. Crypto assets that people sell or purchase help them do this in the most convenient way. Celsius can offer its own tokens called CEL. Clients can use them to perform money transfers peer-to-peer, receive or send loans and do other sorts of operations.

The world’s economy after the pandemic is going to change. Economic activities will decline in some areas. Analysts expect recovery after a plunge. Experts claim that this is something they are prepared for and are willing to find ways out of the difficult situation. Celsius can boast its convenience and user-friendliness. The operator takes great care of customers’ safety and security and protects all personal information.

Most people understand that they are about to face serious issues. It will inevitably lead to lending. No doubt low-cost loan will be more popular. The hard period will allow many to earn interest in a relatively short period of time.

Crypto Lenders Gain Popularity

Some lenders are gaining popularity and Celsius seems to be playing the leading role. Just half a year ago the company’s overall loan sum had doubled once again and reached over four billion USD.

The interest rates vary and users can choose from a whole spectrum of crypto currencies. The list included BTC and ZEC. There is EOS along with DASH and BTG. The company can also offer LTC.

Compounding interests are no exception – this offer has been valid since February. Platforms that lend crypto keep on finding new clients. There are more and more participants on the market. Now people can choose SALT Lending or give preference to YouHolder. If need be, customers are welcome to refer to Nexo or BlockFi. However, Celsius might be one of people’s favorites simply because it can boast a great loyalty program consisting of several tiers – each offering special deals and treats. The highest level is that of Platinum where the users can have bonuses on interest and loan discounts. Customers that expect to receive huge loans may feel disappointed since the platform has some certain limitations and restrictions. The best news is that the platform is one of the best sources of loans where costs and interest rates are comparatively low.

Another important event occurred a month ago when Huobi, one of the wallet providers several integrated services from Cred. That’s a lending platform that is now decentralized. Using it, customers can earn interest on their holdings via their exchange wallet.