Champion in Brazil Loses BTC Purchased in 2015

Judy Rubio

Sportsmen are also interested in the latest achievements and this applies to absolutely all spheres of our life. Athletes, as we all know, strive to be the best and there is nothing as important as results for such people. Many crypto industry specialists admit that the number of famous people who feel ready to deal with cryptocurrencies is steadily increasing. Some of the first athletes who started purchasing their crypto appeared many years ago.

Craig Jones is one such great example. This jiu-jitsu champion has recently announced that he, unfortunately, lost cryptocurrency that he purchased five years ago. This Brazilian fighter bought and then lost BTC before the ATH occurred three years ago. However, mass media outlets inform that the fighter will soon receive tokens as a sponsorship and money prize given by a crypto exchange.

The man is now known to be an Australian resident. He admits that he didn’t avoid becoming one of the unlucky victims who managed to fail out on the top-ranked crypto all-time high three years ago after many participants misplaced their coins. Also, according to several reports published on Thursday, the jiu-jitsu champion decided to buy the crypto five years ago.

Back then the price was approximately two hundred-for hundred USD. Nevertheless, the Brazilian failed to sign and cash in when the price approached twenty thousand USD in the winter of the same year. Craig admitted that he along with several buddies purchased some BTC at a low price and even forgot about that.

Two years later, when the events started to look crazy, the company of friends tried to remember the password. Unfortunately, none of the men could recall it and didn’t know how to get back on the exchange and sign in their accounts.

Sponsorship for the Champion

The athlete is famous for practicing leg locks and other tricks to take down his competitors and opponents and this time he seems to win his fight for BTC. Jones will receive prize cash in crypto. Jiu-jitsu professional will get one thousand USD in crypto as part of a reward for becoming a winner in the UK.

CoinJar is an exchange located in Melbourne and the organization reported that their team will sponsor the athlete with crypto through his account on the exchange. It is said that more and more sportsmen are getting interested in crypto and the crypto community looks quite appealing to most of those we see on TV.

Fighters are not newcomers and they are aware of the latest trends and tendencies occurring in the crypto market. We can notice plenty of prominent names and individuals who boast high titles. Fighting organizations all around the globe pay closer attention to cryptocurrencies and find all sorts of digital payments of great use to their industry.

For instance, Jon Fitch is another superstar who’s well-known as a great athlete and one of the first fighters in MMA who received BTC five years ago. Many journalists reported four months ago that Ben Askren, another legendary UFC participant, used his account on Twitter and promoted the top-ranked asset rewards event in May. Being famous, strong, and prominent in the sports community proves that the person can achieve great goals in many other spheres of life.

All these athletes are unlikely to give up – instead, they keep on exploring new opportunities that various modern technologies and innovations can offer the public. They soon become one of the most influential individuals in the crypto industry and introduce the crypto to their fans. They cannot guarantee success, but they teach us not to be afraid of the latest novelties and inventions.