Chess Champion Supports Crypto

Endy Callahan

One of the most powerful and famous chess players in the world is ready to back Bitcoin. Garry Kasparov, according to several trustworthy information sources, is willing to provide support to the top-ranked cryptocurrency. He sees it as a great means to fight the violation of human rights and freedoms. Analysts agree with the champion and share his ideas and opinion.

Kasparov called the crypt and blockchain technology as a whole the natural and most appropriate option. He noted that cryptocurrencies provide people with more control over their own funds that we usually see in the hands of the government, corporations, and other financial bodies. What Kasparov likes about the crypto is that we always know the exact amount and that is twenty-one million USD.

Source: BeInCrypto

However, we should look at it from a different angle. You will never be informed about how many billions of dollars you can see in the traditional market tomorrow and this is what can negatively impact our savings. As we know, Kasparov is also a leader of the foundation fighting for human rights and freedoms that has lately been employing the newest technologies to help the nation. He claims that BTC and other assets can significantly assist in this matter.

Specialists also think that blockchain technologies are the best solution to the requirements for privacy without which the financial market cannot exist. In his report, Kasparov mentioned that he could see plenty of upside to digital assets. According to the chess player, they let people feel stronger and more responsible for their funds and budgets. This is a new approach the crypto market has been trying to implement and adopt for quite some time.

Precise Figures Guarantee Better Results

Neither corporations nor the state itself should manage the funds of the population without letting the owners see what’s going on. They need transparency in the traditional market and here is a huge lack of it nowadays.

Blockchain technologies are different since they are more reliable and secure in many ways. Human rights are of utmost importance to us and we should do all possible to protect them and let people know what sort of system they live in. Numerous interviews that famous people give regarding this issue prove that celebrities and influencers do not remain indifferent to the problems of our society.

They do admit that we all should get together and move ahead. This is possible to accomplish if authorities in all countries accept the most recent innovations and consider the features that blockchain offers. We cannot deny the fact that the popularity of many cryptocurrencies is going to rise further. These concepts are actually inevitable. This is a positive shift that makes individuals feel more involved in the major processes that the whole financial sector consists of. People should not let various institutions act on their privacy without their consent.

Additionally, crypto market analysts announce that they notice a strong link between chess and blockchain. As many news agencies report, last month it was possible to record a chess match. The tournament was arranged between strong representatives of the two partnering industries and the event ran on the blockchain. Karjakin is well aware of the current matter and expresses a great interest in the crypto community as well as technology. Micali, in turn, offered to use a proof-of-stake blockchain technology for even greater adoption of the game of chess.