China’s Digital Currency Targets the U.S. Dollar

Colin Baseman

Currencies strive to be as stable as possible. Each country does all possible to achieve their goals and make their currency more powerful and influential. How strong the native currency of a country is usually depends on many factors. At the same time, this influences the correlation between other currencies and reshapes many industries and spheres.

Of course, fiat currency is not the only option for markets to get ahead. They can keep on developing and growing while launching e-money. One of the most progressive Asian countries in this regard is China where the digital Yuan feels strong enough to target the U.S. dollar.

With its forthcoming digital currency, the country is likely to start its rivalry with the dollar rather than Bitcoin. Many crypto market analysts understand this and discuss all possible perspectives of this matter.

China’s government has spent plenty of time and resources to learn and analyze the special needs that the crypto space has as well as the entire blockchain industry. The new digital Yuan is something that the country has been looking for and is now ready to integrate. Specialists say that the digital money will aim the dollar and Bitcoin is not its target at the moment.

Investment bankers who have been dealing with the crypto industry for quite some time claim that they have analyzed and researched certain details linked to the digital currency. After their thorough studies, they began to argue that the local authorities see modern technologies as an opportunity of significant importance. Now it might be possible for the country to prove that the U.S. dollar is not much stronger than the Chinese Yuan.

Experts Opinion about the Digital Currency

Whenever various financial organizations and institutions arrange conferences and meetings, there are dozens of professionals who pay all participants’ attention to the major players of the market. They always mention the USA and China as two main rivals – each has its advantages and weaknesses, and yet neither of the two is ready to admit that its currency is less worthy. China cannot deny the fact that their native currency is not that simple to internationalize. CHIPS are antiquated and Swift is too expensive while Fedwire is not fast enough.

As we can see, nowadays we can no longer rely on transactions that take up to three business days to clear. More than that, all these services are too expensive. The latest technologies can resolve part of the current issues and the key mission of the crypto community is to make their technologies more accessible to the public.

DCEP is a new electronic payment system that has lots of similarities with blockchain. This also includes concepts like UTXO. The system is not yet known as much as that of Bitcoin. Several mass media outlets report that DCEP will be under the full control of the central bank – it will be monitored and supervised by the institution that will issue it.

Some less advanced participants may not notice or understand the importance of the recent innovation. However, there are many purposes that this system can serve. For instance, it can achieve real-time accumulation of information linked to currency creation. It is a useful tool for bookkeeping since it will provide essential data for the delivery of currency as well as the implementation of monetary regulations.

DCEP is great for implementing negative interest rates. At the same time, the system offers many opportunities for AI that the market employs for fraud detection.