Cider Producers Get Support from Blockchain

Colin Baseman

Blockchain technologies have helped plenty of industries. Thanks to their assistance, many manufacturers and producers have managed to survive and achieve great results when the entire sphere seemed to be rather unfavorable and unfriendly.

Spain is one of the counties where the number of cider producers is very high. To be the best, manufacturers need to be ready to integrate blockchain to cope with counterfeit cider products as well as over-production.

The cider manufacturers are known to utilize the Telos blockchain – that’s the way they track the processes related to the production of their beverages. This approach allows the producers to prevent over-production as well as counterfeits.

According to the developers, cider is one of the country’s most appreciated drinks, produced from designated apple ranges that put it under the EU’s PDO, which is also known as Protected Designation of Origin. On the other hand, the country’s cider industry has witnessed several challenges since some makers import fruits from other regions to produce imitation beverages.

The mentioned blockchain will offer a solution that allows Spanish cider makers to deserve user confidence and global market share. It’s important to mention that the developers claim to track is a great example of the numerous ways the team can help resolve challenges related to the supply chain management. This also includes consumer products and agriculture.

Telos will be responsible for the traceability of information received from the premium cider. This approach will let buyers see and detect the origins of each item utilizing the SidraDOP application to scan a special QR code featured on the label. On the other hand, consumers will be able to pull up the entire history of each item. This includes the variety of fruits used and when they were shipped. A link also shows the raw transaction information kept on the service’s registry.

Requirements and Expectations Set by Consumers

Cider regulations and requirements make the majority of producers feel responsible for the quality of the products they offer to the market. All parties have to register their activities. This data help authorities keep track of the processes.

On top, activity information is stored on the Telos blockchain and this sphere includes apple producers. Additionally, one can find data related to cider manufacturers. Some say that this approach brings lots of benefits to sellers as well as beverage distributors.

The quality of what consumers order is of utmost importance if the manufacture is responsible and takes great care of its reputation. Gaining popularity and customers’ respect is what matters most, especially if we are talking about producers who have just entered the industry and wish to establish new partnerships and contacts.

Long-term partnerships are possible only if the producer manages to prove to be trustworthy and reliable. This is what matters to most companies and ignoring this aspect cannot make any good to the firm.