Coinbase: overview of the crypto exchange

David Kemp

Many traders in the field of cryptocurrencies make transactions on the Coinbase platform. Some are attracted to it by full-fledged digital money trading, some appreciate it for reliable wallets, others are attracted by convenient tools. The official website of Coinbase is informative, funds are withdrawn from it quickly, and the support service is always ready to help. Let's take a closer look at this site.

General information about Coinbase

The company is headquartered in San Francisco (USA). It was registered in 2012. In 2014, the service already had over 1 million registered users. It provides many services, including a convenient and reliable wallet. The company includes two divisions: Coinbase Payments and Coinbase UK. Coinbase has received appropriate licenses to operate in many US States.

In 2018, the FCA (UK regulator) granted a license allowing a company in the European Union to conduct operations with electronic money. The cryptocurrency platform intends to issue brokerage and banking licenses.

Services offered by Coinbase 

The main domain of the company is divided into three subdomains, each of which is a full-fledged platform. Let's get to know them better:

  • - a mobile wallet for cryptographic currencies (read more about it in the article "Crypto Wallet Coinbase");
  • - a cryptocurrency exchange with a special terminal that provides users with a wide range of functions;
  • - a platform for large transactions (from 10 million dollars and above).

The company is actively engaged in the purchase of various crypto assets. For example, it acquired startups Cipher Browse and Earn, the Paradex exchange, and the broker Keystone Capital. In 2018, Coinbase marked another significant milestone, it has opened a branch in Japan.

Key features of Coinbase

  • Support for Fiat currencies. The platform allows you to make transactions in US dollars, euros and British pounds.
  • Impressive trading volume. Among traders, the platform is very well-known and popular. It offers reasonable commissions and favorable working conditions to registered users.
  • Reliable crypto. More than 32 million users have their own wallets on the site, and this number does not include traders.
  • Special technology for determining prices for cryptocurrencies. Market patterns are used for their calculation. Quotes reflect the real price of the cryptocurrency.
  • Ability to design a Shift Card. This is a special Visa card that is issued for bitcoin. Only verified users from the United States can get it. The card is accepted as payment by some places where you can pay with bitcoins. You need to pay $ 10 to get it. When using the card, the owner does not need to pay fees for converting to bitcoin and conducting transactions.

As you can see, the Coinbase exchange has many advantages. This platform is quite flexible, it allows customers to use a cryptocurrency wallet and make transactions for the purchase and sale of digital money. If you have an opportunity, be sure to register on it. This will allow you to conduct transactions with cryptocurrencies with small commissions.