CoinDCX and Offered Custody Services

David Kemp

BitGo is a cryptocurrency custodian who is ready to offer and supply its services to CoinDCX, the exchange from India. The brand guarantees safe storage as well as insurance – users’ who trade assets will now feel secure on the mentioned platform.

The firm takes its roots in the United States and reports to be responsible for more than twenty percent of total BTC operations. The company’s insurance policy exists to cover about one hundred million USD in value via a group of Insurers. This involves parties from the Lloyd’s along with EU Marketplace.

The exchange started to transfer its assets to BitGo’s accounts a few days ago. Thanks to the mentioned custody, all crypto on the exchange will be safe. For this aims, the system will apply various types of wallets. All accounts will have two-factor authentication.

BitGo will protect a part of the funds that users trade on the exchange. The policy makes up one hundred million USD, including customer assets stored on DCXLend and lending services. The team has included funds and cold assets, too.

Officials note that the trading volumes in India have increased and the issues related to the crypto market and its security need solutions and improvement.

BitGo’s custody services are already in use – many exchanges are willingly applying them. A few months ago, the company offered two different units of custody in European countries. They also launched another new service in March.

The number of brokers and platforms that need BitGo’s innovations is great – the firm has instruments that users need to protect their assets.

Optimistic Prognosis for the Indian Crypto Area

India used to have a ban on banking services to firms related to crypto. Now the situation seems to have finally changed for the better. The opportunities that the crypto industry offers may change the country’s economy and improve the situation. Analysts admit that India needs foreign investments and the key mission is to create the right environment. Exchanges are ready to accept new participants as well as collaborate and exchange their experiences to make their activities even more rewarding.

India has great potential – that’s why there are so many investors who are ready to use this region as a safe place for projects related to cryptocurrencies.

One of the most reliable trading platforms has recently witnessed a stable growth of more than eighty percent in the last two months.

CoinDCX reports on a forty-seven percent increase in trading volumes since the beginning of the year. The number of member signups has risen tenfold. More than that, the percentage of active customers is one hundred and fifty.

Banks’ dealings were under restrictions and offering services to businesses related to cryptocurrencies was not allowed. Luckily, officials have revised the previous regulations and made amendments.

The Indian market still has to abide by the vague regulation – the local crypto sector is not yet strong and independent enough. However, technologies that keep emerging will inevitably stimulate frameworks. A few exchanges found it necessary to send an official letter to the Indian central bank. Their main purpose was to ask the authorities to give more detailed information regarding taxes on goods and services.

At present, the exchange is doing all possible and puts plenty of effort to receive a favorable decision on the current issue. That would become a new turning point in the entire Indian crypto community.

BitGo is a cryptocurrency custodian who is ready to offer and supply its services to CoinDCX, the exchange from India.