Colombian Coffee Beans Traced with Blockchain

Judy Rubio

How many uses of blockchain technologies are there in the crypto industry and how many industries will soon adopt them to become more efficient and productive? As news agencies announce and inform, Smucker’s brand is going to utilize a blockchain since this is how it will be easier to see the journey that coffee beans make while travelling from Colombia. At the same time, this approach will allow many consumers to perform numerous donations to Colombian farmers producing coffee beans.

Smucker’s company has recently reported that its team will soon start to utilize blockchain technology right to the very source of coffee beans and, which also essential, it will let people support Colombian farmers, too.

American food and drinks manufacturers often establish partnerships and this brand is no exception – now the firm collaborates with Farmer Connect. The latter is an organization that feels responsible for boosting transparency in the supply chain of agricultural products. They also take care of their sustainability. Officials told that this step is mostly about providing absolute transparency.

Representatives wish to enable users to track the way of their ordered product from the area it was packed and grown as well as mills and then exporters along with importers. As we can see, blockchain is necessary for a global circular economy and the company’s team will be the first participant to employ the mobile application that lets users learn more about the origin of their coffee beans. It’s easy to do thanks to QR-codes that customers can scan and see the entire journey of the purchased product.

Smart Devices for Scanning Codes

Executives say that each package of the product contains a special QR-code. Consumers can scan it by utilizing their smart gadgets. Once they scan the information, users will be referred to the official website that contains all necessary data related to the location where the beans come from, how they were processed and then exported.

On the other hand, the manufacturer will employ the technology platform utilized by many prominent companies, although the brand does not belong to the network. Professionals claim that the company can soon establish its own network and solve all basic issues linked to transparency – this is one of the major problems that the coffee industry faces nowadays. More than they, they pay attention to the robustness of the innovation and its scalability.

It’s a great idea that connects the farmers with coffee drinkers. Users will be able to keep track of the details and find out the nuances that play a significant role in other aspects like the price of the product and its quality. What the firm is planning to do is crucial and some of the aspects that sources discuss have common ground with migration, poverty, and other matters that bother our society at present.

Coffee is one of the most heavily traded commodities and its export value is tremendously high. Last year it was estimated that the market sells coffee worth over thirty billion USD and most of it is exported across the globe. The market dictates the price yet traders can decide and influence what percentage farmers gain from coffee production.