Congressional Candidates May Welcome Crypto

Endy Callahan

The U.S. government is not always ready and willing to adopt the most advanced technologies. In some instances, politicians need ages to create the right laws and realize that some sort of innovation is essential for further growth and development in various industries.

Luckily, there are many progressive people among congressional candidates. One such individual is Jonathan Herzog. The man is not only interested in politics. He is also aware of the events occurring in the crypt community. He knows what cryptocurrencies are and how the crypto market uses them to change the entire economy and make things better. Crypto-friendliness is great and the majority of people agree that the authorities should consider blockchain technology and let it reshape the country.

Herzog represents the city’s tenth district and he needs New Yorkers support. He doesn’t mind the crypto industry promoting him and hopes that this partnership will be beneficial and rewarding for both parties.

The candidate obtained a bachelor’s degree. He graduated from Stern and Harvard. More than that, Herzog was one of the co-founders of a presidential campaign and helped Andrew Yang to become more popular. His experience allows him to run on a progressive platform. This includes universal healthcare. Another area that the candidate deals with is universal basic income. No doubt, national cryptocurrency regulation is another subject the man is interested in and participates in publicly funded elections.

Crypto Regulations on a National Level

The candidate believes that Wyoming may become a wonderful example. The country’s crypto regulation is supposed to accept it if the nation does not want to be an outsider in comparison to other areas and foreign partners. Herzog thinks that the BitLicense is a tool that will determine the further development of the crypto market in the region.

Yang’s protégé may look too revolutionary to the older generations. Nevertheless, the candidate claims that his chances are realistic and that a lot depends on the support the crypto industry may provide. He is always ready to combat. His fight for a better future includes decentralization and the implementation of blockchains. What can attract people to Herzog is his intention to pay out one thousand USD to every adult citizen. Children will receive five hundred. All in all, this would require almost four trillion USD per year.

The source of this money involves a value-added tax that would provide one trillion USD. The money could come from tech giants that at present do not pay any federal taxes. The money that citizens would receive could improve the economy and stimulate many spheres.

Herzog’s Intentions to Solve Issues

What the young politician mentions is that the authorities didn’t manage to cope with the crisis and issues that the pandemic has brought to the population. One of the solutions that might change the situation for the better is found in the crypto community and the opportunities that the crypto world can offer.  The institutional collapse was frustrating and the country can no longer ignore the crypto community that has been trying to enter the system for the past ten years.

The young man feels motivated now to go further and fight this Great Depression. The crisis has taken the lives of thousands of citizens and their number twice exceeds that of the people who were killed in the Vietnam War. Congress has recently been in recess and when the politicians returned in session, what they did was they passed a bailout worth trillions of USD supporting huge multinational companies.

Unfortunately, just a ridiculously tiny fraction of the funds went to the nation. This cannot be a wise decision since the people will revolt against the government. They need help when it comes to global crises and issues that they face after the pandemic. Hopefully, the crypto community will hear Herzog’s request and provide support and help the congressional candidate achieve his goals.