Coronavirus Research Is Thankful for Assistance

Colin Baseman

News outlets have lately announced that new research projects and scientists are thankful for all the assistance they received. Without the support that the crypto community provided, it would have been much more challenging for many countries to cope with the crisis that the coronavirus brought to the world’s population. CPUcoin is one of the teams that noted that their group is proud of being a partner to BOINC.

The two participants announced crypto rewards for numerous volunteers – all these people were eagers and fully prepared to share their computing power with scientists and researchers. Their contribution didn’t go unnoticed and the country appreciates their assistance.

CPU is a decentralized firm known for a whole spectrum of projects and programs. This year the team announced a new scheme and involved Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. Analysts mention that the initiative will soon devote unused computing power. This will help many experts to continue their research programs and experiments related to COVID-19.

Customers who decide to download and install the company’s platform will be able to receive a reward. Users will also need to learn more about the processes. Which is not less important, they will be able to contribute to the entire scheme and help the program. Unused computing power, as we can see, can bring lots of benefits to both parties.

Participants are welcome to get familiar with Rosetts@home – their group concentrates on research projects related to proteins. What they do can significantly change the situation and improve it by offering new approaches and more advanced treatment methods that doctors apply nowadays. More efficient therapeutics and thorough diagnostics will be then available thanks to the efforts made by volunteers and professionals alike.

Another important participant of the program is IBM World Community Grid works. This company focuses on the perspectives and tries to predict how efficient and useful chemical compounds are. Later on, their idea will be implemented in general medical practices. Doctors will finally be able to prescribe treatments and pills specially created for patients diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Tokens as a Reward for Contribution

Whenever the platform identifies that an individual provides his support and helps the project members, he receives special CPUcoins. This reward is actually a token that users can then exchange for any other kind of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH as well as a few other tokens. Researchers urge people to pay attention to their requests and help them carry out many important studies and research projects.

The official representatives of the research project claim that the company that issues the token does not possess any special computing infrastructure. According to the developers, its owners are the participants of the whole network. Some of those who deal with the project call them CGN Miners. These people get a reward – the brand’s native currency is what they receive for their computer time.

The team gives their tokens and pays for the decentralized services they consume – they, as the officials announce, will be launched by creators. Many believe that the project itself is quite efficient in many ways. Users should get a reward for their contribution and all miners will have a chance to get paid for idle computer time. Even though the idea itself may sound simple, the results it may bring will improve the current situation and help people cope with the health issues caused by COVID-19.