Criminals Can No Longer Hide

Annabella Cornelly

Being sentenced to years in jail is a serious punishment for those who are trying to hide behind modern technologies. Breaking the law is one of the most common crimes committed by cybercriminals and cybersecurity companies are doing all possible to prevent scams and fraud.

Authorities are also taking an active part in the process and detect hackers before they commit their crimes. As many mass media reports state, AlphaBay darknet market has become one of the most infamous areas since its moderator has finally been sentenced to eleven years in jail.

Attorneys are now analyzing the case and keep the crypto community informed about the details. All participants admit that it’s very important for all online users to stay alert and be aware of the nuances of the matter in order to be fully prepared for such unpleasant events in the future.

News reports announce that one of the people responsible for moderating the platform’s content is going to remain in jail for the upcoming eleven years. Fortunately, official representatives were cable of identifying and arresting the criminal. At present, the service the group was working on is now defunct. It was a darknet market called AlphaBay.

On Tuesday, the department of justice confirmed that Bryan Herrell is now sentenced to eleven years in jail. The twenty-six-year-old man was arrested for hiding his identity to engage in an organization whose major mission was to racketeer and corrupt the environment as well as people employing the same services.

Defunct Platform That Supported Illegal Activities

Herrell’s position was that of a moderator and he was responsible for supervising the market. As professionals state, the platform was used by individuals dealing with drugs, their delivery, trade, and promotion. There were also plenty of customers looking for guns.

More than that, the market could offer information related to people’s credit card data. No doubt, the list of illegal activities practiced on AlphaBay is endless. All participants could purchase and sell various items utilizing their cryptocurrencies.

Specialists say that this sentence may serve as better proof that all sorts of cybercriminals cannot keep on hiding behind modern technologies – they have no right to employ different instruments available in the online community to break the law and do harm to people. Luckily, law enforcement officers managed to ban the largest online marketplace created for gun trade and drug dealing.

Many hackers believe that they can operate behind the veil of the darknet. They think it can offer good shelter from police officers and investigators. However, people planning to deal with something illegal should always remember that authorities are ready to apply all the necessary measures to prevent crimes. It’s getting more and more difficult to practice illegal activities without being caught.

On the other hand, the huge money that criminals earn selling guns and drugs makes people believe that they can also do the same without being punished. Before Herrell was caught, he received payment in cryptocurrency and handled over twenty thousand disputes between customers and vendors on the platform. More than that, he pretended to be a ‘scam watcher’ – one of his responsibilities was to monitor the service and not let any third parties defraud participants.

The mentioned market place was one of the platforms that criminals intensively used. Many users can still remember Silk Road, another service that supported illegal activities performed online. The formed website functioned for around three years. It had over four hundred thousand customers at the moment when authorities banned it.