Crypto Influences the World after COVID-19

Colin Baseman

Statistics show that the number of people who do not trust financial organizations and their ability to guard their funds is increasing. We no longer believe that politicians are capable of enacting wise policies. More than that, thousands of people think that the mass media presents information that is not truthful enough. All these issues occurred a few months ago when our society saw the authorities ignore the coronavirus problems and do not take the right measures to protect the country’s population.

History Teaches Us Lessons

This is not the first crisis our planet has experienced. Twelve years ago we went through a serious financial catastrophe that left families without incomes and jobs. The majority of centralized institutions found their interests of greater importance and abandoned ordinary people who needed help.

All kinds of crises destroy and ruin people’s lives. They also ruin our trust in the financial system and people who make decisions regarding our stability. Luckily, in 2008 people first found out about cryptocurrency. They realized that banks could not safeguard their assets. Most wished for a structural level and what they wanted was to take control over their own future, destiny, and money.

We can compare the crisis that happened twelve years ago and COVID-19. There are many similar aspects and problems. Thanks to the pandemic out society understood that financial bodies are not worth our trust. They have failed people too many times before. The authorities did not react – they stayed indifferent to the problem and started to act when it was late. People did not receive guidance. Some policies were rather harmful to the public.

We do admit that politicians have also failed since there was too much confusion and lack of focus. The government spread information that sounded contradictory. Now we know that hundreds of hospitals did not have a sufficient supply of equipment to save people’s lives. Politicians did not manage to develop any strategy to fight the disease.

Last but not least, the mass media was another body that has failed. Most sourced simply ignored the crisis and made it look less serious than it was. Reporters kept telling us that COVID-19 is not as bad as we might think. However, the statistics proved that the situation was dangerous and the risks of the coronavirus are terrifying. The media’s inability to timely inform us made people believe that most of what they see on TV and read in newspapers is lies.

Solutions Offered by the Crypto Industry

At the same time, the crypto market has always had another approach and has been prepared for the worst outcome. Now one does not need to be a crypto expert to feel the difference between centralized and decentralized systems. Currently, what the crypto community offers seems to be the only efficient way out. The crypto market can perform most of what governmental bodies can’t.

People who no longer trust centralized banks will turn to the crypto world and start utilizing its features. Our society will soon follow those who already deal with cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and are no strangers to the crypto industry. Our society will be able to try online education. Next, people will look for independent media sources they can fully trust. Finally, the crypto market can offer remote work and stable incomes. The world can evolve from the crisis. The point is to take the opportunities that modern technologies offer.