Crypto News That Won’t Make Us Happy

Annabella Cornelly

Presidential campaigns are sometimes harsh and involve thousands of people. No one can predict and foresee the outcomes of such events. As a rule, politicians employ various measures that the nation won’t accept and this, in turn, causes even more problems. This week has just started, yet it has brought some negative news to our society.

Luckily, we do remember great and stable weeks for the cryptocurrency. Sudden collapses and great breakouts are some of the things the crypto community is trying to avoid. What makes many experts worry is that even those who are experienced enough cannot always predict what’s coming next and this is frustrating at times since there are things in the crypto industry that feel rather discouraging.

Most market specialists see that this sideways period might become the prelude to a significant move. We still cannot know whether it will be an up or down move. At the same time, many participants remain positive and optimistic. They see the crypto in the same position that Apple was when the world didn’t yet have iPhones.

People believe that it could reach sixty thousand USD within three years. If they are right, then all those who support the campaign will be likely to do plenty of other people great favors. We can see that participants keep distributing stickers and encouraging the nation to adopt BTC. They call the crypto ‘freedom’ money and, which is also important, supporters receive six hundred and seventy-five Satoshis – all they need to do to claim the reward is to stick a sticker.

Adoption Curve. Source: Business-to-you

Another idea that pops up is that all these people might find Dogecoin of more use. TikTok users are already purchasing it and all fans trust that what they are doing might make them richer in a short time. Making a fortune seems to be easier than ever before and, according to analysts, the new demand increased the price of this coin by twenty percent. Let us remind you that at the start of the week it was twice as cheap.

How Trustworthy Is the Scheme?

Professionals who have studied and researched various trends in the crypto market feel doubtful and claim that what’s now happening is just another scheme – the organizers pump their business and then simply dump participants. The world of politics is not less curious and it is also full of empty promises and fake claims.

Kanye West is a BTC fan, but he is now no longer Trump’s fan. His promises to stand for the presidency are known to many and he won’t be alone. Mass media outlets announce that Brock Pierce also feels strong and ambitious enough to run for the White House.

Fortunately, politicians, including the Senate, are already making steps towards crypto. The Banking Committee arranged a meeting and discussed the effect of the pandemic on digital assets and finance. They explored the role of the government in making a digital currency.

On the other hand, authorities have prioritized regulations related to trading crypto assets. Their goals are set up to 2024 and include several major aspects of the crypto industry. Specialists mention the recent incident in Venezuela when police confiscated over three hundred BTC mining machines. This proves that the region wants miners to receive an official permit to operate the equipment.

Some users may be happy to find out that a new application may allow them to transfer crypto and Lightning Network payments via their bank accounts. According to the developers, Zap helps customers skip channels and wallets and keeps your protocols to a minimum.